Chapter 71: Nature's Fury

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*****Previously In Krinos's Forest*****

"Mother of Demeter, Krinos," Lena swore, looking at the carnage around her. "You did all this!"

"Just goes to show," Krinos crosses his arms. "Don't mess with my forest, cause my forest will fight back."

"Nature certainly does know how to bring the pain," Lena giggled.

They rushed back into the forest. The sirens were continuing the fight. Silas rose his hands in the air, causing streams of pouring rain to shoot out of the sky. The rain shot down agents like bullets.

"Silas, duck," Iris shouted.

The siren of storm hit the ground as rocks started flying over his head. The rocks swirled around her, then threw themselves at the GIW. Some with enough force to go right through their chests. In another part of the forest, Aquata and Fiara were together.

"Let no siren show these monsters mercy," Aquata glared.

"Fire and water, a powerful combo of worked right," Fiara smirked.

Aquata made water swirl high up in the air. It was almost like an airborne whirlpool. Fiara followed with fire spinning just above the ground. Her flames surrounded a large group of agents. Now, most think water and fire cancel each other out. They've never seen a mixture of magical elements.

The two sirens made their elements swirl down, like two opposite spirals. It became a tornado of fire and water. The agents were lifted into the air, and blue energy struck them.

"The reason why siren, even those of opposite elements, work well together," Aquata evilly grinned.

"The trust, the love, the family soul, it all keep us strong and in perfect sync," Fiara gave a creepy smile.

"And the fusion of fire and water is no different," the two opposites maniacally cackled.

*****Present Time*****

"Water and fire, who would have thought," Krinos chuckled.

"Fiara and Aquata, apparently," Lena giggled. "Just be lucky that it wasn't fire and ice. That really brings destruction."

"Can that not happen, then," Krinos asked. "My forest has taken enough of a beating already."

"Don't blame us, blame the psychos that wouldn't know the difference between a troll and a fairy," Lena crossed her arms.

"Who said I was blaming you," Krinos raised an eyebrow.

"You confuse me so much," Lena shook her head.

"So our friends keep saying," Krinos says. "They also say that my only consistent thing about me is my hatred of humans and my tendency to burst into 'You Can't Catch Me."

"Well, they aren't wrong," Lena smirked.

She flew away, laughing, before Krinos could get another word in.

"That girl is gonna be the death of me, one day," he facepalmed. "And that says something considering i'm immortal."

Silas, once again, was bringing in a storm. He seemed to darken the skies wherever he flew. The dark clouds matched his silver and black blended feathers. His latest siren scream, consisting of storm cloud sound waves, sent half a dozen agents into the trees. Iris landed next to him.

"You really love sending your enemies flying, don't you," she giggled.

"I may not be the siren of the wind but what can I say, I know how to bring the breeze," Silas smirked. "Besides, who wouldn't want to send these nutjobs into the stratosphere."

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