Chaoter 72: Flaring Their Fangs

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*****Previously In Transylvania*****

Vampires were scattering across the dead forest. Between the high beams, sun guns, and holy water balloons, they were all on edge. The yeti were returning fire with their ice blasts and spears.

"Retreat to the castle," Ethan yelled.

Vampires and yeti alike all ran through the dark woods, back to Dracula's pad.

"Frostbite, set up ice barriers to keep them away from the castle," Sarah told the yeti chief leader.

"Ice wall, my comrades," Frostbite ordered.

Half a dozen yeti warriors raised their spears. They simultaneously shot blasts of ice core energy. They hit the ground, ice forming wherever they hit. Raising the beams, the ice continued to build. It rose up into a thick wall of frozen water. The reflective surface made the high beams and sun gun rays bounce off.

"Not sure how long this will last," Frostbite admitted to the three vampires.

"We need to take care of a large number of them at once," Sarah says.

"What about the Dark Void spell," Ethan suggested, remembering that vampires have their own type of magic.

"The vampiric spell that puts its target to sleep and gives them nightmares," Erica raised her eyebrow. "That spell will help us, how?"

"We do it on a wide spread scale, hitting as many agents as possible," Ethan explained.

"We'll need Dracula for a spell of that magnitude," Sarah said.

The three ran into the castle. They found their king on one of the wall bridges connecting two of the towers. They explained their plan to him, and he fully agreed. They quickly set up the ritual, burning black poppies in magic black fire. A ball of black and purple energy formed.

"Dark... VOID," Dracula cast.

Balls of the dispersed spell launched into the forest.

"Nighty night, losers," Erica smirked.

*****Back To The Present*****

The vampires and yeti walked through the forest. The Dark Void spell had definitely worked.

"Vampiric spells might not be of the Isle of Wicca, but they get the job done," Ethan said, stepping over a sleeping agent.

"So, do we drain them or what," Erica asked, her fangs looking ready to bite down.

"I think we need to handle their sun guns, high beams, and their supply of holy water first," Sarah says. "That way, they won't have as much of a fighting chance if they even wake up."

"The spell is meant to keep them asleep for a few hours, a day at most," Ethan explained. "Other than their weapons, we really only have to get them out of Transylvania."

"Oh, is that all," Erica sarcastically said, rolling her eyes. "I thought that it was going to be hard."

"Has anyone very told you that you are a very strange trio of vampires," Frostbite told them.

"You'd be the first," Sarah responded. "But that probably wasn't the first time that anyone has thought that,  it were too afraid of Erica to actually say it."

"Then those people have their heads on just right," the blond vampire evilly smirked.

The ghost yeti and vampires all went back into the forest, half of them staying behind to guard the castle. As they walked through the woods, they saw the carnage and destruction that had rained down in the dark forest.

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