Chapter 9: Training

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         It had been a week since Danny and White had joined the ranks of the team. They had fully healed from their time with the Guys In White. Physically, anyway.

         The twins have never been so happy to be reunited with their brother, and the three were close to inseparable. They were also getting along well with the rest of the team, minus Artemis the stubborn and Kid Flash the skeptic. White actually spent a lot of time with Blue Beetle.

        The siren and armored hero were both just sitting in the living room, watching Once Upon A Time.

        ''So what was up with this ghost portal, anyway,'' Jaime asked. ''You two have said that it was what gave you your powers.''

        ''The Fentons are ghost hunters,'' White explained. ''They built a portal to get to the Ghost Zone, where all ghosts live. We got caught up in the energy when it activated. Phantom was in the machine, so he became a ghost. I was hit by the supernatural sound backlash, making me a siren.''

         ''What kind of connection could a ghost portal have to you being a siren,'' Jaime asked. ''I'm having a hard time connecting the dots.''

        ''That's because the Ghost Zone isn't alone in terms of magical rhelms,'' White told. ''The Ghost Zone was once called the Isle of Ghosts, but was made an infinite rhelm because ghosts kept being created. It's part of the Mystic Isles, a place where all magical creatures live and thrive with the rest of their kind. I gained powers from the Isle of Magical Music and the Isle of Sirens.''

        ''You have a pretty interesting world,'' Jaime complimented.

         ''And you have no idea how much is actually ours,'' White thought.

       ''Are you sure befriending this Gold Siren is a smart idea, Jaime Reyes,'' the scarab asked him. ''He could pose a threat.''

      ''I pose a threat to no one but my enemies,'' White protested. ''Just what I need, another voice in my head.''

         ''Wait, you can hear the scarab,'' Jaime asks, shocked.

        ''If you mean the annoying voice from your armor, than yes,'' White answered. ''Siren hearing has its advantages and disadvantages.''

          ''Phantom, Gold Siren, report to the training room,'' Batman called over the intercoms.

         The two walked into the mission room, seeing the training platform turned on. The rest of the team was already there. Batman, Black Canary, and Red Tornado stood in front of the heroes. 

         ''You two will need to be tested before you go on any missions with the team,'' Batman told them.

         ''T...test,'' White stuttered, starting to panic.

          ''Siren, not like that,'' Dick quickly went over to him to calm him down. ''He means evaluate your powers, not actually test you.''

         ''Sorry,'' White apologized.

         ''It's alright, little brother,'' Dick comforted. ''None of us expect you two to get over what you went through in a week.''

        ''You two will spar with another member of the team, so we can see how ready you are,'' Canary said.

         The twins went onto the platform. Batman chose Kid Flash and Nightwing to be their opponents. They knew, very well, that their brother wasn't going to go easy on them. Kid Flash looked less than thrilled to have to fight them.

         ''Begin,'' Canary commanded.

         Kid started by using his speed to run at White. Smirking, he jumped up and grabbed his shoulders while upside-down. He pulled him down, onto his back. His elegant moves shocked everyone in the room but his twin.

          Nightwing then snapped out of his shock. He tried a flying leap at Danny. But he quickly went intangible and he went right through him. Danny quickly became solid again, grabbing his arm and flipping him over his shoulder. Nightwing landed on his hands and feet, a few feet from where Kid Flash was getting up.

        ''That caught me off guard,'' he said. ''Not anymore.''

        ''Giant ego much,'' White mumbled.

         He raced toward White, his arm pulled back to punch him. But when he launched it, White jumped up again. He used Kid's own arm to launch himself over his head. Kid Flash, very clumsy, fell to the floor. 

         Nightwing, for the first time, seemed to be behind in a fight. Danny had only used his powers once. Now, it was all close combat. Nightwing tried his acrobatic skills, but it seems even after all they went through, the twins still remember all their tricks from the circus. Danny would easily dodge or counter his attacks.

         ''Have any of you guys ever seen anything like this,'' Ma'gann asked her teammates.

         ''They were tortured for four years, yet they pick up their battle skills and tactic like it never happened,'' Kaldur says, amazed.

         ''And are also giving Nightwing and Wally a run for their money,'' Conner snickered. ''They're not even really using their powers.''

        ''Not that we have a full understanding of what their powers are, yet,'' Jaime pointed out.

        ''He's got us there,'' Gar said. 

         Kid Flash then noticed that he was getting nowhere fast. He was getting winded, but White didn't even look like he had broken a sweat. He saw Danny having an easy time with Nightwing, and it pissed him off. 

        Note to self, make sure to always sure to to bruise the egos of those that are way too cocky. 

       But Kid also noticed that Danny wasn't paying any attention to him. He was thinking that it was time to play dirty. He zoomed past White, who was shocked by this tactic and didn't have time to react. Kid Flash went right past Nightwing and nailed Danny in the face. He fell back, onto the platform. White ran to him.

       ''That was uncalled for and dirty,'' White glared. ''You were fighting me, not my brother.''

        ''If you two are so good, then he should have seen it coming,'' Wally taunted.

         White's eyes turned pure gold from anger. He faced him, but was still kneeling beside Phantom. Gorgeous wings of golden feathers sprouted from his back. They shined like they were real gold. White opened his mouth and out came a scream.

         Similar to Black Canary's, but it was of golden sound waves and was more powerful and concentrated. Kid Flash was knocked off his feet while Nightwing was pushed back.

        ''Just because i'm a siren, doesn't mean that I don't know how to scream,'' White glared at the speedster.

          ''Uh oh,'' Danny swore, covering his ears.

          White stood up and screamed again, but this was a different power. The sound that came out was like a thousands bats screaming at once. It was worse than a dying cat dragging its claws down a chalkboard while someone played the bagpipes. 

         Everyone covered their ears, as it was unbearable. Everything glass in the room started to shatter. The zeta tubes sparked, the platform lights shut off, Red Tornado was starting to malfunction, and even all the lights shattered. The room went completely dark except for the small amount of light from White's wings and Danny's ghostly aura.

         ''I think you overdid it, again, Gold Siren'' Danny said.

         ''Hey, all's fair in love and war,'' White remarked. ''But, my bad. Sorry.''

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