Chapter 29: Siren Idol- Part Two

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When Siren made it back to Beetle, Phantom, and Nightwing, the three were about as shocked as superheroes can get. Siren couldn't help but blush at how their faces were filled with aw and amazement.

"I knew you were good, but holy Isle of Sirens," Danny says. "I know that this is for a mission, but you could actually win this thing."

"You do realize that once we beat Music Meister, I have to drop out of this competition, right," White says to his twin.

"Dang it," Danny complained. "Stupid morals."

"That was incredibly unbelievable, though," Jaime said. "Siren, your voice is unique, even for a siren. I don't think anyone has heard a boy sing Chandelier the way you did."

"That's how sirens work," White says. "Even for the normal sirens. When they become a siren, their natural talents bring out their hidden potential. Music has to mean everything to them as a mortal for the Heart of the Siren to choose as a siren. Once one siren fades, their element has to to placed into another. One falls, one rises."

"If you guys are done with the bromance, we still have a mission," Artemis said over the link.

"Way to ruin the fun, Artemis," Valerie says, all of them practically hearing her pout.

"I don't know where you got that voice, Siren, but that was all types of awesome," Roy told him.

"I'm looking at Music Meister, right now, and he has this face that makes it look like someone kicked his puppy," Gar said. "Obviously, he's thinking how a sixteen year old kid is going to completely whoop his butt."

"Once that shock wears off, he'll remember that he has a hypnotic voice and that he wants to take over the world, not win a singing contest," Conner says.

"Make sure that all of you keep in the earbuds that keep out his voice's effects," Dick reminded.

"Yeah, then Siren can kick some musical butt," Jaime smiled.

"Pressure, thy name is Young Justice," White crossed his arms. "You do realize that leaving it all up to me is not helping, right?"

"Sorry," the team apologized.

"I'll take Siren to get him ready for his showdown, and the rest of you can keep an eye on the corrupt conductor," Jaime told them.

The secret couple went off to one of the dressing rooms for the competitors. Beetle just seemed to enjoy that he was putting on a private fashion show for him. Siren tried on many different new outfits for his boyfriend to judge and tell him what he thought. He settled on a simple blue suit with blue pants, white dress shoes, and a white shirt. Siren stood in front of a mirror, fixing his hair.

            "This couldn't even be my human form," he suddenly said.

            "What do you mean, Gold," Jaime asked.

             "You guys don't know my human form anymore than my identity," White says. "This could be a disguise for all you know. How can you like me when I have to lie to you so much that you wouldn't be able to tell my lies from my truths?"

           "I don't need to know your identity, or how you really look, to know that I like you a lot," Jaime comforted, wrapping his arms around Siren's waist. "I've said it that it doesn't matter who a person is on the outside. I know that Batman doesn't let you guys show your identities. Wally knows Nightwing's. I know that you will tell me when you are ready."

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