Chapter 73: A Siren Sings

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*****Previously At Witch Academy*****

"Jaime Reyes," the scarab warned. "There is an unknown hostile in your proximity."

Using his armor's scope, he saw a hidden figure aiming something at Siren. He quickly grabbed his boyfriend.

"LOOK OUT," he yelled.

He pushed Siren back just as a black pearl arrow flew at them. Luckily, all it did was cut through a small part of his armor on his arm.

"Gah," he gasped.

"Are you okay," White asked, worried.

"I'll be fine," Jaime assured him. "It's just a scratch."

More arrows started flying at them.

"Bob and weave, Beetle," White called, making evasive flying maneuvers. "Bob and weave."

Beetle changed his armor's gliders into a jetpack and quickly took off. Both flyers dodged countless arrows of black pearl and ectoranium. Siren had a quick action of firing his scream into tree branches to make a leaf screen. It allowed them to disappear. Jetting through the trees, they made their way to Melinda.

"Mel, we have an archer in the trees with a very trigger happy bow," White informed her.

"Oh boy," the witch swore. "This spell should help us quite nicely. Thanatis Icatis Exodus."

A blue energy pulse shot from her hands. Out in the woods, a large twister burst into the sky. Fallen trees, rocks, things, and agents were swept up.

"Melinda, I think you're addicted to tornados," White stated.

"Wizard of Oz had to based off of something," Melinda smirked.

As the cyclone tore through the woods, one figure was forced out of their tree. She wears a predominantly burnt orange and black costume with a hard orange mask that covers her forehead, nose and cheeks resembling a tiger's face. She also wears a black sheath behind her back which stores her sword with a black belt to store her weapons. Her blond hair and eyes told them who she was.

"Artemis," White gasped.

*****Present Time*****

"Off all people, it had to be her," White complained.

He floated up, his hands glowing. Beetle changed his armor fists into blasters. Melinda's hands glowed shining blue. They were ready for a fight.

"You have some nerve," Beetle snapped. "Turning to the Guys In White, as if you couldn't betray us more than you already have."

"At least i'm not in love with a freak," Artemis growled back. "And I go by Tigress, now."

"I feel bad for tigers everywhere," Melinda smirked.

The former heroine pulled out a crossbow. Old habits die hard, even for traitors. And it didn't take a rocket scientist to know that it was full of more black pearl and ectoranium arrows.

"Your father must be so proud," White glared.

"Like you can talk," Artemis sneered.

"I've heard enough out of you," Melinda yelled. "Kemo Char."

Her hands changing to a yellow-gold color. She sent out short fire-like blasts at the former protégé. Artemis flipped and cartwheeled out of the way of them. But that lead her to getting nailed by Blue Beetle's energy rays. She was thrown against a tree.

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