Chapter 46: The Horror Section

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           A group of four walked through the dim and dark alley way of a city that looked like it had never seen sunlight.

           Old style buildings of black walls and blurry windows. You could still see the eerie yellow lights in the windows. Even with some torches here and there, the place was almost completely in the dark. The ground was covered in this mysterious fog and you couldn't see where you were gonna step next. There was also this effect it seemed to have on them. Like having constant goosebumps and the hairs on the back of your neck always standing up. Seriously, it was freakin creepy.

            ''Please tell me we're not in the section we think we are,'' Ma'gann says, shaking.

           ''Give me a second,'' Valerie said, looking around. ''Creepy buildings, check. Eerie lights, double check. Meagerly creepy fog, triple check. Goosebumps, quadruple check. Yup, we are in the Horror section.''

            Miss.Martian just about fainted. It truly was surprising how innocent she was, especially since she was a superhero.

            ''The Horror section, it just had to be the Horror section,'' Alain shook his head.

            ''I'm more of a comedy or fantasy kid,'' Gar said.

            ''Weirdly enough, I feel right at home,'' Alain says. ''Must be the Artemis blessing that has me used to the night.''

             ''Something like that,'' Valerie mumbled.

            An arrow whizzed past them, nearly hitting Alain in the head if he hadn't moved at the last second. The four looked up to see Dark Archer and Blockbuster. A few Nazi soldiers were behind them. Alain's hands let out his icy mist.

           ''RUN,'' he yelled at the others.

           He fired his mist and ice. It pushed back the bad guys and gave them the necessary distraction to leave. They started zipping past multiple doors and passageways. Beast boy was a cheetah at their feet. They ducked inside of an alley and watched as the villains passed them, not noticing them at all.

          ''I know it's a cliche, but how do bad guys never check dark alley ways,'' Alain says. ''Aren't most bad guys supposed to thrive in dark alleys.''

           ''You've been spending too much time in the Mystery section,'' Valerie said. ''Black and white movies are so old style.''

             ''Not the time, you two,'' Ma'gann says.

              ''This way, guys,'' Alain directed, leading them down the alley. ''Be careful, who knows what's lurking in the shadows.''

            When they came out the other side, he and Huntress paled. Around them were many doors with symbols on them. One was a hand with claw-like knives. Another was a full head mask with eye holes, a kitchen knife with it.

            ''You've got to be freaking kidding me,'' Valerie swore.

            ''What,'' Gar started freaking out a little. ''You can't say 'you've got to be kidding me' in the Horror section. We're new to this, we're likely to panic.''

             ''This part of the Horror section holds the most dangerous of all the movie, book, and TV show franchise,'' Alain said. ''The serial killer franchise.''

             They looked around in horror, pun intended. Every door had the symbol and name of an iconic serial killer. Killers from ancient novels, olden and modern movies, even TV shows. They looked around, the tingling in their spines not going away.

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