Chapter 13: Frostbite

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        Nightwing stared at Red Arrow, dumbfounded. Not only had the archer known his brother's hero form, but his real name as well. The two just stared at each other, neither knowing what to say.

         ''What happened to White,'' Roy finally broke the silence. ''Is Danny okay?''

        ''How do you know them,'' Dick asked.

         ''Answer me,'' Roy snapped. ''Why does White have a vivisection scar? What has happened to him and Danny?''

         Nightwing turned to White. Tears streamed down his face.

        ''Four years,'' he growled.

         ''Excuse me,'' Roy 'duh'ed.

        ''They were kidnapped when we were six, after our parent's death,'' Dick told. ''The so-called parents ignored them when they were supposed to raise them. An accident gave them their powers, but it also made them a target. For the past four years, the Guys In White and those two psychos tortured them. They were turned into experiments because of who they are. White got most of it, as his physical form is more similar to a human's. But it didn't stop. We saved them, but the Fenton's tried to take them again. We stopped them, but they poisoned White as retaliation.''

          ''Th...their own parents did this to them,'' Roy stuttered. ''What type of parent does this to those they saw as their own children.''

          ''So, time for you to open up,'' Dick told him. ''I know them because they're my brothers. How do you know them?''

          ''I was chasing a meta human, who'd had the powers similar to a ghost,'' Roy explained. ''Green Arrow wanted to have some research done, so I went to Amity Park. The place was known for having problems with real ghosts. While I was there, I came across the local town hero duo. Phantom and Gold Siren were the most powerful heroes I've ever known. Even stronger than Superman. I helped them deal with this weird hunter ghost, not that they needed it, and we bonded. I never had any real family, and neither did they. All the two had were their adoptive sister, Jazz, and three best friends, Sam, Tucker, and Valerie. I kept going back there, sometimes for hero duties and other times just to see them. They were so free, never afraid to be who they really are. Even as their 'parents' hunted their alter egos, they didn't care.''

       ''Weather it was a ghost or magical creature, all they wanted to do was help others. So how dare they take away their innocence. They never did anything wrong. They already had too much to deal with. With ghost hunters, ghosts, bullies, school, and home, they had too much on their plate already. Danny was so care-free and even in the mist of battle, he had sarcastic remarks that made it fun. White was a gentle soul, yet it hid a fierce spirit that you only made mad if you have a death wish. They were just a unstoppable force of love. Whoever would do this to them is just truly heartless.''

         ''And they trusted you to know their identities,'' Dick asked.

        ''They trust easily,'' Roy says. ''They always want to believe that everyone has a good side to them.''

         ''Definitely sounds like something  White would be,'' Dick smiled. ''I just hope that this Frostbite guy has this antidote Danny's talking about.''

         ''They told me about him,'' Roy said. ''He's one of their best mentors. And also...''

         The bio-ship lurched to the side, throwing them to the floor. 

         ''Sorry,'' Danny yelled. ''I forgot about that the Far Frozen has constant blizzards.''

         ''Trying to land, now,'' Ma'gann says.

          The two heroes went over to the front of the ship. Out the window, all they saw was a flurry of snow. A blinding white sheet of frozen water.

         ''Frostbite must be angry at something,'' Danny said. ''There's never been a blizzard this bad.''

          There was a loud ''THUD'' as the bio-ship landed on the ground. The team stood up. Danny rushed passed them, not even noticing Red Arrow. He picked up White, running out the ship door. The team quickly followed him.

         ''FROSTBITE,''  Danny screamed. ''FROSTBITE, PLEASE.''

          A giant figure appeared out of the blizzard. He was a giant white yeti creature with a golden loin cloth and a blue cape. On his right arm was a gold band while his left arm is made out of ice, showing his arm bones. He was like ten feet tall. On his head were two horns of ice. 

         ''Great One, is it really you,'' he asked.

          ''Frostbite, he needs you,'' Danny says, Frostbite seeing White. ''It's Blood Blossoms.''

         ''Oh dear,'' Frostbite gasped. ''We'll get him to the medical bay, immediately.''

          Frostbite took White from Danny, running off with him. Danny flew close behind him. The team quickly followed.

          They went into the system of caves in the Far Frozen. he room they went to was like a lab of some sorts. There were test tubes, tanks, computer equipment, medical supplies, stretchers, and potions. Frostbite placed White on one of the medical beds.

          ''The poison's almost to his heart,'' Danny panicked. ''Please tell me you still have the antidote.''

          ''Of course, Great One,'' Frostbite says.

         Frostbite went over to the potion cabinet. He pulled out a vile of a glowing blue liquid. He went over to White. They all saw that the red veins were almost at his heart. Frostbite bent down.

         ''Lord White,'' he whispered. ''If you can hear me, please drink this.''

         He poured the potion into White's mouth. The effects were almost instant. The red veins slowly vanished. White's breathing settled and he was just sleeping.

         ''Thank you, my friend,'' Danny thanked.

        ''Anything for you, Great One,'' Frostbite says. ''Even with such a horrible circumstance, I am glad that you have returned to us. Your parents will be very happy to see you. Not to mention a certain little girl.''

       ''Dani? She's here,'' Danny asked. ''I can't believe I finally get to see her again. It's almost like a dream come true.''

         ''Little brother, who's Dani,'' Nightwing asked. ''And I thought you hated your parents.''

         ''Let's just say the Ghost Zone is more our home than Earth,'' Danny smirked. ''Our true family's here.''


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