Chapter 41: Magic Army

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           Nightwing and Alya were the first two through the hanger when they got back to the mountain. Aqualad and Superman were right behind them as they carried their injured friend. Siren was getting worse by the second with the ectoranium shard in his chest.

          ''WE NEED HELP,'' Dick screamed at the top of his lungs.

          Multiple people came running down the hall. Phantom, Batman, Red Huntress, Blue Beetle, Lena, and Black Canary all came into the hanger. Phantom and Huntress both went into shock and nearly fainted when they saw Siren.

         ''Oh sweet mother of Clockwork,'' Danny swore, running to his twin.

          But when he got near, the shard glowed brighter. Siren screamed in agony, Phantom fell to his knees. Huntress pulled him from the shard.

          ''You can't get near it, it will effect you to,'' Valerie told the ghost boy.

          ''I don't care,'' Danny cried. ''My brother's dying. I have to do something.''

           Batman immediately took Siren from Nightwing and Alya, carrying him bridal style. Nightwing and Beetle followed him to the infirmary. Canary and Superman went to inform the rest of the league and team. Alya bent down on one knee, the effects of the anti-magic mineral now effecting her.

          ''How did this happen,'' Danny freaked out. ''Alya, what happened?''

          ''This weird robot that Nightwing called Metallo,'' the animal mage answered. ''He had changed his krytonite core for one of ectoranium. We destroyed it, but a shard from the core must have found its way into the worst place possible.''

           ''No kidding worst place possible,'' Danny yelled.

           ''Calm down, Phantom,'' Kaldur told him.

           ''How can I possibly calm down when my brother is dying, again,'' Danny freaked. ''And I can't even get near him because that would only make him worse.''

           Huntress went over to him as he broke down. She comforted him.

           ''White will be okay,'' Valerie whispered to him. ''You've taught him to always fight. You promised that you will always be together and he will not break that promise.''

           ''I...I can't deal with this right now,'' Danny says. ''I need to go be with my brother.''

         Phantom ran off to the infirmary. They could all see the vague tears in his eyes. In the mist of all this chaos, they didn't notice Beetle take off somewhere. He didn't dare show how much he cared, as they might piece together that they are together. Batman already knew, and that was bad enough.

         Beetle had materialized to the entrance of the infirmary. He figured that if they couldn't get the shard out, then the scarab's precision might.

         ''If we can get the shard out, his magic healing can give us time to give him the proper care,'' Dick said to Batman.

          ''I'll hold him down,'' Batman says, pushing Siren's shoulders down. ''Get it out as fast as you can, his vittles are dropping.''

            Nightwing went to pull out the shard, but something happened when he tried to grab it. The moment his hands touched the ectoranium, it shocked him. To him, it felt like a billion volts of electricity just shot up his spine. Phantom walked in, seeing what had happened.

          ''What the hell,'' Dick gasped. 

           ''Figure it out later,'' Danny quickly said. ''Batman, pull it out.''

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