Chapter 17: The Isle Of Angels

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          Danny, White, and Lena all flew out of the cave. With a snap of her fingers, Lena called a circle of flowers in the air. An image of another land appeared in the circle. It was a portal to the Mystic Isles created from her magic. They all flew through it, entering the isles.

         The place felt like home to White. They were so happy to be back. You could feel the magic in the air, all around them. The lavender and pearl white clouds and bright blue sky surrounded them. The three flew over many of the isles.\

        Now, i'm not gonna describe every isle they fly over. That would take forever and literally everyone would lose interest. 

         They passed over the Isle of Wicca, the Isle of Magical Music, the Isle of Giants, and the Isle of Dryads. There were so many isles, for miles around them. Some connected by bridges, others just floating on their own. There were too many to count.

         ''Do you know where the meeting is, Lena,'' White asked.

         ''Pretty sure at the crystal castle,'' Lena guessed. ''You know they love their theatrics.''

          ''Isle of Angels, here we come,'' Danny says.

         ''I'll let you guys handle this,'' Lena said. ''I'm definitely not royalty, so good luck with a room full of the most powerful creatures in all the isles.''

          She flew away, the other two sweat-dropped.

          ''That girl is all kinds of crazy,'' White shook his head.

          ''If you figure that out just now, where were you those two years of being heroes,'' Danny joked.

           ''You know, very well, that i'm mostly in my own little world,'' White smirked.

         The two floated toward the center isle. It was one of the most beautiful isles in the entire realm. It had elegant crystal plants of diamond and sapphire. Even the flowers were crystal: tiger lilies of ruby, daisies of crystal quartz, excreta. There were marble statues of angels and swans around the giant castle at the center of the isle. It was a castle made from ice-like crystal. It stood tall rounded topped towers and columns. There were multiple arches on the walls, going inside. A Greek-like palace.

         ''Haven't been here in so long,'' White says. ''The place still radiates hope and light.''

         ''Maybe a little too much light,'' Danny said, shielding his eyes. ''I'm a little blinded, right now.''

          ''Why don't we have some fun, while we're here,'' White chuckled. ''You are a ghost.''

          ''For the siren of pure heart, you have a pretty twisted mind,'' Danny says. ''I love it.''

          Danny grabbed his hand and they both disappeared with his invisibility power. They flew into the castle. They knew that the meeting was, most likely, in the great hall of the castle. They made their way in, unseen. 

         They were overjoyed to see their friends in the room. Melinda, the elder witch from the Isle of Wicca. Orion, the harpy prince from the Isle of Harpies. Skylar, the lead pegasus from the Isle of Pegasi. There were also a few other rulers form the isles. The queen of the fairies, Triton of the mermaids and mermen, and Princess Thorn of the dryads.

         ''We need to act,'' Melinda says, sternly. ''Our people are becoming increasingly worried about exposure.''

      ''But what if we act too soon,'' Triton said. ''We could throw off the balance of both our worlds.''

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