Chapter 77: Oh Crap

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''I thank the gods that this is finally over,'' Alain says, collapsing.

All the mystics and Young Justice heroes had met up at the last fully secure place any of them know of. Krinos's Forest still had the enchantments on it that kept mortals away. Not to mention that any that wish magic, or the scepter, harm would forever be lost in the trees.

"It'll take some time to grow back those parts of my forest, but it was worth it," Krinos says.

"After using up all that magic energy, i'm gonna sleep like Sleeping Beauty," Lena said.

"Melinda seems way ahead of you," Orion commented, looking over at the sleeping witch laying on Skylar.

"I envy those that can sleep anywhere," Caitlin giggled.

"Aren't cats supposed to be able to sleep anywhere," Roy snickered.

"I'm only part cat, thank you very much," Caitlin crossed her arms

"That isn't stopping Griffin, Celia, or Katie," Conner says, motioning to the three were-jungle cats sleeping in a tree.

"I'm just happy that we can relax," Danny said, his back against the side of one of the nature covered temples. "Four and a half years. Four and a half years of them being nothing but a plague on mine and my brother's lives. I almost don't even remember what life is even like without constantly having to look over my shoulder."

"I don't even think I've changed back to my human form since that mission against Music Meister," White admitted. "I'm so used to being a full siren by now. Song and all."

"That was really impressive, the way you combined your siren song with your shriek," Jaime said, his boyfriend leaning into him.

"So, you've finally made peace with your song," Lena asked.

"I still don't like the hypnotic part of it, but I don't hate it like I did before," White answered. "If it can help deal with people like Music Meister, i'm willing to deal with it. Besides, I was singing way before I could hypnotize with my voice."

"He's got a point there," Dick agreed.

"Now, what I want to know is the type of titans Lien gave you," Juliet said, excited.

The others all gave the Camelot witch strange looks.

"What," she asked. "I'm still a witch, even if i'm from Camelot. Magical abilities excite me."

"It's true," Mason said. "Should have seen her the day she met Phantom. She stared at him like he was painting at a museum. Fascinated, but didn't know why."

"Because it wasn't everyday you meet someone with his type of powers," Juliet argued. "I know for a fact that no other ghost has his ghostly wail or that helping hand thing he does with Siren. Though, no other ghost has a twin, so the bond is certainly unique."

"Let alone a twin that's a siren," Valerie pointed out. "Believe me with these two, you never really know what to expect."

"Amen to that," White raised his hand.

"Anyway, Juliet," Dick says. "Lien gave me two other amulets before we had our fight in Athens."

He went into his utility belt and brought out all three of his amulets. Cavalier, then Gar-Ghoul, and last was King Basilisk.

"Awesome," Ethan gasped.

"You all know Cavalier," Dick pointed to his amulet. "Next is Gar-Ghoul. He's like an actual gargoyle with a powerful water roar. And last, but most definitely not least, is King Basilisk. He looked like a cross between a dragon and basilisk with a Medusa twist."

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