Chapter 35: White Rose

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          Red Huntress smirked as her group entered a dense forest, the trees the size of skyscrapers. Flash, Dr.Fate, and Kid Annoyance were behind her as they entered. She knew that they were in for one heck of a surprise in the jungle.

          ''Where are we,'' Flash asked.

          ''The last remaining remnant of the ancient Maruvians,'' Valerie explained. ''An old society of magic that went extinct a few hundreds years ago. This is a hidden forest in Spain, where the Maruvians used to live.''

          ''They were once a very powerful tribe,'' Dr.Fate says. ''Their spirit guides and spell techniques are still used to this day.''

          Kid Flash just snorted at that. The other three heroes just stared at him, except Huntress, who was glaring. 

         ''If Krinos doesn't teach him respect, no one can,'' Valerie muttered under her breath. ''How do Danny and White deal with him.''

          ''Which imaginary object are we after, anyway,'' Wally asked, throwing in an insult.

         ''Wally,'' Flash warned. ''Enough is enough. For the rest of this mission, you will not say another word about your disbelief in magic.''

          Kid Flash looked so defeated that his own mentor sided with ''imaginary'' beings instead of his own partner. He just crossed his arms, grumbling.

         ''To answer his question, we need to get the Scepter of Light,'' Valerie explained. ''Often called the weakest of the weapons, but still packs one hell of a punch. The wheilder must have, at least, a little understanding of magic to use its power.  The scepter can manipulate all forms of light, weather a glow or a blast. But it can also be used to reveal, hide, or illuminate secrets. It's powers were used by the Maruvians to ward off beings of darkness.''

          ''You have a very good understanding of the scepter's power,'' Dr.Fate said.

          ''Phantom has a friend, in the Ghost Zone, who has a Mayan civilization,'' Valerie says. ''Her name's Amalay, and she was the last of the Maruvians. She is their queen, and she taught us about her life and her people. She is one of the kindest ghosts we've ever met. I went to her after I heard about Sam, Tucker, and Jazz being killed.''

        ''It must have been hard to lose your friends, like that,'' Flash comforted her. ''I don't know how i'd react to anyone in the league being killed.''

         ''Phantom and Siren were there,'' Valerie blurted out, her eyes teary. ''They saw them killed just because they wanted to protect the two. There's a limit, you know. How much a person can take. If anyone ever hurts them again, there will be no safe place from my wrath.''

         Flash put his hand on her shoulder, she calmed down a little.

         ''They lost everyone,'' she sobbed. ''They lost their parents. Then they were kidnapped by psychos pretending to be their parents. Their best friends and sister killed.''

         ''They have the team now,'' Flash comforted. ''Nightwing and Batman won't let anything happen to them. I promise that nothing will.''

         Huntress gave him a smile.

         No one really knew why Flash had taken a liking to the twins and Huntress. In truth, as saw himself in the three. He was always a childish adult hero, so he liked how they acted, even in the middle of fights. He saw past the pain they went through and sees the teenagers they are under their hero facades.

        Suddenly, a rose grew until its blossom was in front of the hero. Huntress's tears instantly vanished, and a mischievous smirk formed on her face.

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