Chapter 63: Morgan LeFey's Kids Have Really Bad Tempers

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"God Terminus, I pray to thee," Juliet chanted.

She reached out her hands, and a green force field bubble came out of them. The field spread over the area, going all the way to beyond the lake. It had surrounded Camelot.

"That aught to give us some extra time," Juliet says. "Terminus is the Roman god of barriers, so i'm hoping he was feeling generous when I cast that spell."

"Are there any gods that aren't temperamental," Ma'gann asked.

"Not really, no," the Camelot mages told her.

"The closest you could get is probably Hestia of the Greeks and Freya of the Norse," Mason says. "But even they have their limits when it comes to the stupidity of humanity."

"For some odd reason, Hestia always seemed to favor Siren," Juliet tells the teen martians. "I always thought it was because of how she is the goddess of the hearth and family, and Siren is the siren of pure heart. The two go hand-in-hand."

Princess Dorothea then floated up to them. Like Frostbite and Pandora, she had used one of Clockwork's portals to bring her army to the Living World. Her army was different from her fellow Ghost Zone rulers. Frostbite's army is his yeti citizens with their spears and ice cores. Pandora's army are all ghostly versions of Greek mythological monsters, like herself. Dora's is all ghostly knights and medieval figures, like executioners, hunters, and one very creepy jester.

"My warriors are all prepared for the oncoming battle," she tells the four. "They are concerned about their orders to not show mercy."

"After your brother, Aragon, i'm not surprised," Mason crossed his arms. "He was a viscous tyrant that didn't allow free will... or for time to move forward."

"Don't ask," Juliet says, seeing Miss.Martian and Beast Boy's confused faces.

"They are mostly afraid that things will go back to that way of life," Dora told them. "But my warriors will understand that with the Ghost Zone at stake, they will have to be merciless."

"If they need lessons on being cold, vicious, and heartless, i'll teach them," Juliet evilly grinned. "This is war, and there is no mercy in war."

"And you don't need to be a child of Camelot to know  that," Mason said. "Or the child of Morgan LeFey for that matter."

The three walked off, or floated off in Dora's case, to work mwith her army. They left Miss.Martian and Beast Boy to their own devices. Miss.Martian caught her adoptive brother staring out the window, at the shield Juliet had put up.

"Penny for your thoughts, little brother," she asked.

"I...i'm scared," Gar admitted. "Are we doing the right thing, letting them kill the agents? I know they're bad, but killing them..."

"Everything will be okay, Garfield," Ma'gann comforted. "This will be over before you know it, then everything will be back to normal."

"Will it," Gar asked. "Every hero knows that killing is a line to never cross. Phantom and Siren used to say that they'd never want to take a life."

"I think it's more that they have to, even if they don't want to," Ma'gann says. "They just want to protect their family, and will go to this length to do it."

"It just feels wrong," Gar confessed. "I know what the agents did was wrong, i'll have nightmares about that forever, but killing..."

"Garfield, they would never expect you to accept this like it was nothing," Ma'gann tells him. "They didn't want to go this far, but have been forced to."

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