Chapter 74: Power of the Moon

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*****Previously on Delos*****

As the moon rose, all of the were-creatures evilly grinned. Moonlight fell over them, and they all changed.

Jacob grew brown fur and a buff body with bear claw hands and feet. Hawk grew wings under his arms with bird claw hands and legs. Lillian had the nine tails of a kitsune with fox claws. Griffin now had lion claws with golden fur and a fierce mane. Celia became a black cat creature, but more dangerous. Selena had antlers sprout from her head, also gaining deer legs and tail. Genesis had the arm-wings of a snowy owl with bird claw legs and amber eyes. Nicos was like Alain's wolf form, only with silver fur. Katie became an orange and black wild cat creature. Jax grew scales with lizard claws. Eros got a horse mane with a unicorn horn and horse hind legs. Basil had the lower body of a snake with green and black scales with snake fangs and eyes.

Alain and Caitlin were in front, fully transformed. The shock and dangerous auras of their frightening appearances made it seem like the whole battle froze in place. Most of the ghosts had the common sense to back away from the were-creatures.

"I like them more and more everyday," Conner smirked.

"The world is so lucky that your bullet proof skin makes you immune to their infectious bite," Roy said, disturbed by thoughts of a were-creature combined with Superboy's strength, super jump, and anger.

"The moon gives us strength," Caitlin hissed.

"And you're about have all that strength brought down on you like a meteor on a house of straw," Alain growled.

The were-creatures, Red Arrow, Pandora, and Superboy all looked at him in a weird way.

"Okay, I've been spending way too much time with Phantom and Siren," he said.

*****Present Time*****

It was the full moon, and were-creatures have entered the battle. Things were about to go to the dogs, cats, and every other animal that the fourteen mystics were.

''So, which one of you wants to be the first one to be eaten,'' Jacob growled.

They all looked at the agents, growling, hissing, neighing, and whatever sound a stag makes. Hawk and Genesis both took off into the air. Lillian, Celia, Selena, and Basil all vanished into the surrounding forest, their animal furs hiding them in the trees. Jacob, Griffin, Eros, Nicos, Katie, and Jax joined Alain and Caitlin up front as they charged.

"Do we join them, or just stay out of their way," Roy asked.

Superboy yelled, running back into the battle.

"Join them, okay then," Roy accepted, notched his silver bow again. "You really do have to give credit to Phantom and Siren. They sure know how to pick interesting friends."

"That's my sons for you," Pandora smiled.

The were-creatures that had hidden themselves in the woods ambushed the agents in the back. Who would have thought a fox, snake, stag, and panther would make such a deadly combo. Basil waved her arm, her snake tail shooting out and wrapping two agents. She flung them into the nearest tree.

"I really love having this tail," Basil snickered. "Not to mention the poisonous fangs."

To prove her point, she pulled in another agent with her tail and sank her fang right into his neck.

"Really, Basil," Selena said, nailing an agent in the head with her hoofed foot. "Leave the fangs and the biting to the vampires."

"I'm a were-snake, it happens," Basil smirked.

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