Chapter 33: The Island Of Delos

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          Red Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Superboy, and Red Tornado had all ended up on an island somewhere. Lena had created a portal for them before she had left herself.

          ''Where are we,'' Conner instantly asked.

          ''I have a built in GPS, but this island is not showing up,'' Red Tornado informed. ''Neither are we, as well.''

           ''That's because this island is magically protected,'' Roy says. ''If magical places showed up on GPS systems or maps, then there wouldn't be a point in them being secret.''

          ''You are the magic expert in the group, do you know this island,'' Martian Manhunter asked the archer.

           ''This is the island of Delos,'' Roy explained. ''It was once in the sea, until Zeus, king of Olympus, rose it so that Leto could give birth to the twin archery gods. Hera was never one to like it when Zeus cheats on her.''

           ''So, I am guessing that our objects relate to the twin gods,'' Red Tornado guessed.

           ''The ones that we have to collect are the bows and quivers of the twin gods,'' Roy says. ''The solar gold bow of Apollo, god of the sun, and the lunar silver bow of Artemis, goddess of the moon. But we might want to beware, as Artemis was known for her hatred of men. And I mean in a general sense that she hates men.''

          ''Considering that i'm a clone, J'ohn is a martian, and Red's an android, do the three of us really register as men,'' Conner rose an eyebrow.

          ''That just says you aren't human,'' Roy said. ''Gender is a whole other issue.''

           ''What were they thinking, having an all male group come here,'' Conner shook his head.

           ''Lena was the one one that chose this team, so she must have a reason,'' Martian Manhunter said.

           ''You don't have to worry,'' Roy assured. ''Artemis and her hunters are rarely on Delos. They haven't set a foot on the island in 4000 years. The ones you really have to worry about are the were-creatures.''

            ''You mean werewolves and cat creatures,'' Tornado asked.

           ''Apollo is the patron of wolves while Artemis is an animal goddess,'' Roy explained. ''The two are honored on the Isle of Were-Creatures. There are a lot more than just werewolves and cat creatures. Animal hybrids have been around for millennia.''

           ''You know a lot about magic,'' Martian Manhunter said. ''Did Siren and Phantom teach you.''

           ''I was always the adventurous type,'' Roy says. ''Siren saw the potential, of learning magic, in me. The words he used were, 'a kind heart that would get me chosen as a guardian angel or a whitelighter.' Not that I know what a whitelighter is.''

           ''You must have been overjoyed when you found them on the team,'' Conner said.

          ''I'll never get why anyone would torture them,'' Roy says, saddened. ''Phantom always had his sarcastic remarks that made light of any situation. Even that one time he was put in prison by Walker, he joked the entire time. And also started a prison riot. Siren has power like you would never believe, but his heart is humble and kind. But when he goes into protection mode, yicks. I still remember the one time me and Phantom were ambushed by the Guys In White about five years ago.''


          Phantom and Red Arrow were chasing down a trio of ghost vultures. Siren had been off, on his own, dealing with a rouge group of gremlins. This was one of many social visits that turned into a fight, as per usual. Red Arrow really needs better timing.

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