Chapter 28: Siren Idol- Part One

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      ''What's a Music Meister,'' Danny asked.

      The five newest additions to the team all tilted their heads, looking at the holographic images in front of them. It was of a man in his early to mid-twenties. He had slick back black hair with his black suit. He also wore a white shirt, red tie, and black dress shoes.

        ''This is one of the most recent villains coming into play,'' Batman briefed. ''Myself and Black Canary have fought him in the past. His voice emits a sound that puts people under his control when he sings.''

        ''Is he a siren, like Gold,'' Jaime asked.

         ''We have no evidence that he's magical,'' Batman says. ''He appears to be a meta-human with a siren-like ability.''

         ''Oh joy, another siren wannabe to drive our reputation through the mud,'' White complained.

        ''His master plan is to put the entire world under the control of his voice,'' Batman told them. ''We've intercepted information that tells us he's planning on using a popular show to project his voice across the globe.''

        ''Which show,'' Valerie asks.

         Batman pulled up a few more images to show them. The logo of the show.

         ''He has already used his vocal powers to cheat his way to the finals,'' he informed them.

        ''So You Think You Can Sing,'' Conner read. ''Great, just great.''

          He never was a fan of things that were a part of the modern circle. He was more of the type to like real competitions, not ones that rely on flare and gimmicks to win. The Voice was more his cup of tea. But he would NEVER reveal that to anyone.  Not that Miss.Martian and Siren didn't already know.

         ''I love that show,'' Wally fanboy-ed.

        ''Why am I not surprised,'' Danny mumbled, then was elbowed in the ribs by Nightwing.

         ''For those of you that don't know, this show has each of four judges choose one singer to coach,'' Batman explained. ''Music Meister has already used his powers to make one of the judges choose him. You are all going undercover as part of the crew to stop him.''

          ''Do you know his weakness,'' White asked.

          ''Weakness,'' Artemis repeated. ''What do you mean?''

         ''Every enemy has a weakness,'' White asked. ''Their fatal flaw that allows them to be beaten with ease. Take Mr.Freeze for example. Break his helmet and he won't be able to survive. Music Meister must have one, himself.''

         ''If he wants the whole world to hear his voice, what about him being upstaged,'' Kaldur suggested. ''An old myth of the sirens, no offense Siren, is that when they lost a singing contest to the muses, they were destroyed by their own jealousy.''

         ''So if we want to defeat him, we need to beat him as his own game,'' Dick figured out.

         ''What do you suggest,'' Batman asks.

         ''Instead of all of us going as crew, what if one of us goes undercover as a performer and some of us as their family,'' Dick says. ''It would give us the perfect excuse for being backstage and around the other contestants.''

         ''Finally, my time to shine,'' Wally did a victory dance.

         ''I'm pretty sure that Nightwing meant more along the lines of Gold Siren,'' Gar said. ''He is a siren, after all. Music is literally in his blood.''

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