Chapter 64: Wrath of the Were-Creatures

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Red Arrow, Superboy, and Pandora all stared at the guardians of the bows. The two were getting scarier by the second. Alain's wolf eyes had more fire in them than a volcano. Caitlin, somehow, had a look on her face so cold that it would give another person frostbite.

"So, anyone brave enough to ask them what we're gonna do," Roy asks the other two.

"Now, I may be indestructible, but even I know that they're too pissed to have a nice little chat," Conner crossed his arms.

"Pandora, why don't you," Roy asked.

"And why me," the first woman that the gods ever created asked.

"Cause you're already dead," Conner stated. "They can't kill what's not alive."

Before anyone could talk, Alain and Caitlin huffed and moved toward them. Even the army of ghostly mythological figures stiffened. Every mystic and ghost know that angering the were-creatures was a mistake that nobody lives long enough to make again. Especially the female were-cats. You've never seen a real cat fight until you've angered one of them.

"All of you, prepare for the battle ahead," Caitlin ordered.

"And trust me, we'll know if you pull any punches just because they're humans," Alain growled. "If you do, you'll answer to Winter Wraith."

Even Pandora wouldn't mess with them when they were like this.

" you two at least have a plan," Roy forced himself to ask.

The two were-creatures looked over at the sun. It had almost completely set and the sky was starting to darken.

"We made a call back to the Isle of Were-Creatures back on the Mystic Isles," Caitlin says. "Pretty soon, we'll be getting some more backup. After they get here, we need to keep our ground long enough until night fully comes."

"When the sun sets, the moon will rise," Alain evilly smiled. "We were-creatures may be able to change whenever we want, but the moon gives us strength. And tonight is a full moon. Every single one of us will be at our full strength."

Red Arrow nodded, knowing how true that was. He had been around the twins, before their kidnapping, long enough to know quite a bit about the many mystics on the isles. And he knew that the Isle of Were-Creatures was known for their protectiveness and fighting spirit. But when they got mad, it's scatter or have your blood splatter. Across the ground that is.

He remembered Phantom and Siren telling him about three sister were-witch friends they had. Were-witches are those that are half witch and half werewolf. The sisters had been long time friends with the twins, they were the ones that Siren told them that live in San Francisco. But they had trouble with the elders. The elders are a group of ancients from each of the isles. They had been meddling in the sister's lives for a while and they had gotten sick of them. After the elders tried to take away the eldest sister's son, claiming him to be too powerful, the three snapped. They changed right then and there and scarred them for life. Both physically and emotionally.

"How many of your kind are coming," Pandora asked.

"We have about a dozen more on the way," Alain said. "Jacob, a were-bear. Hawk, an eagle were-creature, very ironic with his name. Lillian, a were-fox. Griffin, a lion hybrid. Celia, a panther were-creature. Selena, a were-stag. Genesis, an owl were-creature. Nicos, another werewolf. Katie is a cheetah hybrid. Jax, a komodo dragon were-creature. Eros, a were-horse. Basil, a snake hybrid."

"That is a lot of predators," Roy was in awe.

"In the animal kingdom, you're either the predator or the prey," Caitlin says. "And we are in no way the prey."

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