Chapter 47: The Graphic Novel Section

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             ''What section even is this,'' Roy asked the other three in the section.

             Caitlin, Erica, and Ethan all looked around where they were. The place was quite odd, as it seemed to be right out of a cartoon from the mind of the six year old. They were surrounded by neon red, white, yellow, and green. The buildings were either red or yellow with white windows and the trees were as if they were drawn by a child. Every door, of the buildings, were open and were showing something different on the other side of each one.

            ''If i'm not mistaken, I think we are in the Graphic Novel section,'' Ethan says. ''As a former geek, I know my comic books.''

            ''So we are in a world of comic books,'' Roy asked.

           ''These comic books just show all the different heroes from all across the known realms,'' Ethan said. ''Even from the other Earths.''

           ''Your realm is one of the few that has real superheroes,'' Caitlin says. ''There are about 52 realms of different earths, not counting all the magical realms.''

           ''So, not all the realms have superheroes,'' Roy asked.

          ''Well, it's a lot more complicated then that,'' Ethan told him. ''Some have different versions of you guys, others have different heroes altogether. One has this group called the Avengers, which I think is extremely cheesy.''

            ''Then there are the realms with no superheroes, but the hidden magical kind,'' Caitlin says. ''I can't tell you how many time these witch friends, of  ours, saved the world and nobody knew but the magical beings of the world. I hate demons.''

             Red Arrow went over to one of the doorways, looking inside. He saw figures riding on motorcycles. One was a man in a deep green leather outfit and had a bow and quiver with him. Another was a woman with dirty blond/ brunette hair and in a black leather body suit, a metallic collar around her neck. The last was a girl in her early to mid twenties with short brown hair, and was in a red leather outfit with a bow and quiver.

          ''That's Star City,'' Roy realized.

            ''Yeah, this realm is a lot more darker than the one you live in,'' Erica said. ''This one is where the villains and heroes are more ruthless. People die. And as much as I like bloodshed, not like that.''

           ''Most of us vampires do drink only from villains, never the innocent,'' Ethan says. ''I prefer pig's blood, tastes like bacon.''

           Red Arrow continued to look at the scene before him. He saw the woman with the collar scream, the collar lighting up. A horrible sound came out, almost identical to Siren's siren shriek. The windows on the van, that they were chasing, shattered from the sound. That's when the two archers used their bows to puncture the tires, causing the van to crash.

           It struck him who they were.

           ''That's Green Arrow and Black Canary,'' he gasped. ''With a girl version of... me! You've got to be kidding me.''

            ''Told you they were different,'' Ethan said.

           ''No doubt there,'' Roy says. ''In this realm, Canary's cry is mechanical and not a meta human power. Not to mention a GIRL version of me. What the heck!''

            ''If you want to get technical, she isn't exactly you,'' Caitlin told him. ''In this world, Speedy was Thea Queen, Oliver Queen's sister. The Roy Harper in this realm had faked his death so that Oliver could continue being the Green Arrow. It's really confusing if you don't live there.''

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