Chapter 75: Danny Phantom the Pissed Off Ghost

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*****Previously In Athens*****

"How was Wonderland, Wally," Dick glared at his former best friend.

"I pretty much go by Bolt nowadays," the former Kid Flash glared back.

Nightwing clutched Cavalier's amulet harder. He could only imagine getting these powers while Kid was still on the team. If he couldn't accept the brothers of his best friend having magic, then his actual best friend having magic would have drove him crazy.

"I'd say i'm happy that the Queen of Hearts didn't cut your head off, but i'd be lying," Dick growled.

"You won't get rid of my that easily, Dick," Wally said. "How could you just turn your back on me? Your best friend. We started the team together with Kaldur. Did you really forget all that."

"You are not the person that we started this team with," Dick snapped. "Your bitterness and selfishness about your disbelief in magic separated you from us. We accepted them while you didn't. There is nothing wrong with the mystics."

"It is wrong that they pretend to be make believe creatures and have something as fake as magic," Wally sneered.

"I'll give you fake," Dick says. "In French legend, gargoyles are fierce creatures that were first out in churches to keep evil spirits away. That their intimidation alone could win a battle. They could even drink a river dry. Even to this day, these same creatures are used as part of architecture as a symbol of protection. Time for you to meet the creature that started that legend."

He pulled out one of the amulets Lien gave him.

"Teach him a lesson," Dick called. "Gar-Ghoul."

The stone beast slammed onto the ground

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The stone beast slammed onto the ground.

"Guess i'm now one of those 'make believe' creatures," Dick taunted the former hero.

*****Present Time*****

The former Kid Flash just stared at him like he had spontaneously grew two more heads.

"This is what you get for trying to hurt my family," Dick yelled at his used-to-be best friend. "Gar-Ghoul, blast this idiot off his feet!"

Gar-Ghoul opened his mouth, and let out a giant roar. With the roar came a powerful water blast. Not to sound cliche, but Bolt then bolted away. He also managed to avoid a strike from Cavalier. But what caught him by surprise was when one of Nightwing's escrima sticks knocked him right in his face and he crashed into his back.

"When you tend to hang around a girl that can channel a cheetah, a boy who has a wolf's speed, and a fast flying harpy, you get pretty good at being fast yourself," Dick smirked.

While he really liked how Cavalier and Gar-Ghoul were handling the situation, he was kind of itching to use the other amulet Lien gave him. If his first two titans were this powerful, then he almost didn't want to see what his third would do.

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