Chapter 58: Never Anger Mystics

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          ''How are they,'' Dick asked, walking into the infirmary with Beetle and Batman.

            It didn't go unnoticed that all the mystics had instantly stiffened when they came in.

           ''They'll be fine,'' Lena says, the first to recover. ''Phantom's been given the antidote for the blood blossoms and Juliet has used Apollo's music to heal Siren. They could wake up anytime, now.''

            The teen heroes breathed sighs of relief, and even Batman looked like a weight was lifted from his shoulders. 

           ''What is the Justice League doing to find agents of the Guys In White,'' Alain asked the caped crusader.

             ''The league's top priority is finding as many agents as we can,'' Batman informed them. ''By the time we got to their facility in Amity Park, most had fled and we only got a few.''

             ''I'm guessing they're either locked in the Flash's pipeline prison, or Green Arrow's hidden cells on Lian Yu,'' Melinda says.

             Batman raised an eyebrow at her.

            ''I know a few telepaths that like to keep tabs on heroes to make sure they don't go off the deep end,'' the witch shrugged.

            ''Gods know how powerful Megi is,'' Juliet said, flipping her hair back over her shoulder.

            ''Though, we can all agree that telepaths are really creepy,'' Mason shivered.

            The three heroes decided not to ask about that. They all heard a set of groans. Darting their heads at the two beds, they saw the twins sitting up. They looked both dizzy and a little nauseous.

            ''I feel like I've been hit by a raging rhino,'' White groaned. ''Let Alya know that i'm blaming her.''

             ''Hey,'' Alya protested, making the other mystics laugh.

            Beetle and Nightwing immediately went to the twins. Beetle took his boyfriend's hand and acted like Siren would disappear again if he let go. Nightwing crushed both of his brothers in a giant hug.

           ''Thanks for saving us,'' Phantom smiled at them all. ''Usually it's one twin saving the other, not outside help.''

            ''By that, he means me saving his sorry ghost behind almost every week,'' White smirked, making his twin cross his arms and fake pout.

          ''Since you two are awake now, I have a question for your older brother,'' Orion says, getting a nod in response. ''Nightwing, when did you know you were a guardian?''

             ''WHAT,'' the twins shouted.

             ''Oops, guess they didn't know,'' Orion nervously said.

             ''I knew you had the potential to become a guardian, but I didn't know you already had become one,'' White says. ''Seems magic runs in the family.''

             ''What exactly is a guardian,'' Dick asked, most heads turning toward him in shock. ''All I know is that a charm of some sorts appeared in my hand while we were in the Children's section at the Isle of Stories. Next thing I know, I can summon a knight monster by the name of Cavalier.''

            ''For starters, guardians are chosen beings that can be any type of magical being, or even a mortal,'' Phantom explained. ''Our friend, Amalay, is a guardian inside of the Ghost Zone. When a mortal is chosen, magic gives them powers that match them. Guardians are one of the most coveted being in magic.''

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