Chapter 76: Finishing This War

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"God Zeus, I pray to thee," Juliet cast.

Her lightning spell hit another agent, blasting him a good hundred feet. Miss.Martian telepathically knocked out another and then sent him into two others with her telekinesis. Beast Boy, still a t-rex, was scaring agents silly and had them running for the hills.

"GET OUT OF OUR HOME," Mason, once again a dragon, roared.

He took in a deep breath, letting fire consume the ground in front of him. Princess Dorathea's knights had a pretty good handle on any agents that avoided the blaze. Miss.Martian and Beast Boy both made mental notes to never mess with angry ghosts from how the knights fought. Sure, Phantom was a ghost, but he was only half-ghost. So the rules concerning him were a whole other thing.

Mason changed back to normal as Juliet sent one other agent flying with a wind spell.

"I am about ninety-nine percent sure that was the last of them," she said, panting really hard.

"If there are any stragglers left, they wouldn't stand a chance," Gar grinned, having also changed back.

"If I had energy like him, I don't think i'd ever get to sleep," Mason says.

"Glad that's over," Ma'gann said. "Do you think they'll come back?"

"Once we call Melinda and adjust the wards, they won't even remember where Camelot is," Juliet told her. "I'll cast some shield spells and then we can regroup with the others to discuss full protection."

*****Eternal Spring*****

Aqualad and Huntress stared in awe as Alya had the t-rex spirit around her.

"I did not know she could do that," Kaldur said.

"Alya's always full of surprises," Valerie giggled.

Alya's spirit roared at the agents. It was almost like it created a burst of wind with the sound as the agents were forced back, as if by a strong breeze.

"Dang," Valerie swore, impressed. "Oh how I am loving that girl right now."

The GIW agents took one look at her, than ran for the hills.

"GET BACK HERE, YOU COWARDS," Alya screamed, going after them and the spirit making fe-fi-fo-fum booms on the ground. "I'LL GIVE YOU A REAL REASON TO RUN TO YOUR MOTHERS."

"She is also quite scary, my friend," Kaldur said.

"I've known her for longer, remember," Valerie reminded. "Myself, Phantom, and Siren all know of her... let's call them rage moments and leave it at that."

"Maybe she's been channeling mother bears a little too much," Kaldur commented.

"Okay, that's enough time with Phantom for you," Valerie stated.

*****Krinos's Forest*****

Krinos unleashed the D4 onto the agents. Now, his botanical animals were not the same amount of savage as Alya and her spirits. If anything, his nature beasts feel whatever emotion Krinos was feeling the moment he created them. So, naturally, the lions were all currently furious and protective.

Lena floated down, next to her fellow nature user.

"I see the D4 have finally made their appearance," she giggled, then saw one agent have their hand nearly being ripped off. "Oo, that's gonna hurt in the morning."

"If he even is still alive in the morning," Krinos said. "How's it going on your end, Lena?"

"Wait for it," Lena says.

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