Chapter 67: Agents Versus Ghosts And Harpies

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''After all this is over, I am going to ask her out,'' Danny thought to himself.

He, Nightwing, and Orion were all in the Greek Acropolis, setting up for the fight ahead. They thought being in the ruins of Athens would keep mortals and humans from seeing the battle and discovering magic.

''Did you already get in touch with the other harpies, Orion,'' Dick asked, putting his escrima sticks in their holsters.

''They might be scared of the GIW, but will fight with everything they have in order to protect magic,'' Orion says. ''After the battle, we'll probably find quite a few bodies with their eyes gouged out.''

''Never anger a harpy, noted,'' Dick said.

*****In Camelot*****

Beast Boy sneezed, causing his to turn from monkey to human.

''You alright, Gar,'' Ma'gann asked him, throwing an agent with her powers.

''I think someone just used my catchphrase,'' Gar said.

*****Back to Greece*****

''Harpies are known for being territorial and protective of their flocks,'' Danny says. ''I would be surprised if there were any agents left alive when this is over.''

''Let it be known that when in Greece, don't mess with a Greek,'' Orion smirked.

''For a prince, you can be pretty sadistic,'' Dick told him.

''Prince of the harpies, I remind you,'' Orion said. ''It is in my very nature to be a bird of prey, even as a prince.''

''I knew I liked this guy,'' Dick smiled, patting the harpy's back.

"When will they get here," Danny asked.

As if on cue, they heard several shrieks and cries. Like a mixture of bats and birds.

"That would be them," Orion smiled.

Over a dozen winged boys and girls. Some were of the more modern, like Orion, with their wings coming out of their backs. Others were like the ancient Greek harpies, their wings coming out of their arms and their arms and legs like bird claws. They landed around them, some of the ancient ones crossing over the pillars and ceiling. Two floated down toward Orion.

One was a light blue-haired girl with a cloud-like dress and diamond heels. The other was a male harpy with green hair with a brown and gray archer suit. The girl and had bright blue wings while the boy had navy green.

"Lien, Forest," Orion greeted.

As most isles do have monarchy's running then, they need advisors helping them to get along with their closest neighbors. The advisors are chosen by the king, queen, prince, or princess to help discuss peace treaties and other dealings with the neighboring isles. Lien, being blessed by Hecate the goddess of magic, is the advisor to the Isle of Wicca and Isle of Gypsy. Forest, being blessed by Demeter the goddess of nature, is the advisor to the Isle of Nymphs.

"My prince, why have you called us here," Forest asked. "You know that most harpies are afraid of coming back here because of the GIW."

"We are here to chase the agents out of Greece, and away from magic," Orion informed.

The harpies all turned to their prince and the two heroes next to him. They looked either shocked or determined, hard to tell.

"Is this why Melinda has recruited Witch Academy," Lien asked.

The four others gave her a look.

"The Isle of Wicca has a really good gossip system," the witch-like harpy said.

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