Chapter 42: Prepare For Battle

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          ''A mole? Are you sure, Valerie,'' White asked their friend.

          ''Just think about all that's been happening,'' Valerie said to the two mystic twins. ''First is Santa Prisca where Vlad just happens to show up. Then a siren wannabe that forces White to use a power he hates. They've gained access to to Camelot, Delos, and the Eternal Spring. They also got their hands on blood blossoms, black pearl, and ectoranium. This is just too coincidence to be a coincidence.''

          The only others there, beside the three, were Krinos, Alain, Alya, and Sarah. They all knew that she was right.

          ''But... who would betray the team,'' Danny asks. ''They already had one mole scar a few years ago, so why have one now?''

          ''I don't think that it's about the team,'' Sarah says. ''Think about it. In all these situations, who is being targeted? Us.''

           ''It really isn't the team, it's us,'' White caught on. ''This mole wants magic gone. Wants us gone. It's like magic is their ultimate enemy.''

          ''Then, what do we do,'' Alain wonders. ''Whoever this mole is, they'll know all our plans to defend the heart. And what about the weapons we've collected? They could take them.''

          ''If they want the Scepter of Light, they'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands,'' Krinos shouted to the heavens.

           ''Krinos, enough with the theatrics,'' Valerie silenced him.

          ''What can we even do,'' Alain says. ''Roy and your brother trust us, but we can't go accusing any of the others of being traitors.''

         ''There's already tension because of all of us being non-humans,'' Sarah said. ''I'm a freaking vampire. Krinos is the lord of nature. Danny's buddy buddy with Dracula. Alain and Caitlin are were-creatures. We're all a little too... different.''

          ''I can't imagine anyone on the team doing these things to us,'' Danny said.

         ''We can cross a few people off the list,'' White says. ''Ma'gann is about as sweet as someone can be. Garfield's too young and innocent to betray anyone. Jaime... is Jaime. Kaldur uses magic so he wouldn't want it gone. Conner's pretty much had enough with all forms of lies and moles. Roy and Nightwing would never hurt us. That just leaves...''

         ''Wally and Artemis,'' Danny finished.

        ''That girl is an insult to Artemis,'' Alain growled. ''Artemis may hate men, but even she has to admit that most of the guys here have done no wrong. Even she would feel bad over everything that's happened to you two.''

          ''It does make sense, though,'' Valerie says. ''Wally has made it bluntly clear how he doesn't believe in magic, so maybe he would want to get rid of it to make science the only power. And Artemis has never trusted us.''

          ''Do we inform the rest of the team of any of this,'' Krinos asks. ''If you are so sure...''

          ''Not a good idea,'' Danny interrupted. ''There's no telling what could happen, or if anyone would believe us.''

           ''So we just let this happen,'' Alain says, crossing his arms.

          ''We need real proof,'' Valerie said.

          ''Maybe we can ask Juliet,'' Alya suggested, speaking up for the first time as she was always a great listener. ''She can channel Apollo and cast a truth spell. Or there's the Evil Queen's magic mirror. There's also Sherlock Homes' magnifying glass, as it is charmed to revel things hidden.''

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