Chapter 15: Mystical Royalty

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       ''I should probably start this off by explaining our worlds,'' White says. ''Jaime already knows this, as he did ask. The Ghost Zone is but one of many magical realms. The place where they all reside is known as the Mystic Isles. Each of the floating islands, called isles, are the home to all different kinds of creatures. The Isle of Wicca is for witches. The Isle of the Enchanted Forest, second biggest realm in the isles, is for fairy tales. This place was once called the Isle of Ghosts.''

        ''The elder ghosts, including our father, made the Ghost Zone infinite,'' Danny explained. ''As there are always being more and more ghosts created. There are a lot of those that have unfinished business. Our mom has to guard her box of horrors. Our dad watches the timeline. Me and Dani protect people. You get the idea.'' 

         ''Why'd you ask abut the isles, Blue,'' Artemis asked the armored hero.

         ''I was curious,'' Jaime shrugged. ''I mean, come on. Ghost portal doesn't exactly scream siren powers. So I asked, nothing wrong with that.''

         ''He's got you there,'' Gar says.

          ''Frostbite, how'd you meet these two, anyway,'' Dick asked the yeti.

         ''There was a little trouble with one of their flying machines,'' Frostbite told. ''I was a little cranky from having an icicle in my back, until the Great One shot out. The next time they came was when they needed help with a powerful plant-type ghost called Undergrowth. Great One had to learn to use his ice core to defeat him while Lord Siren needed to master his hypnotic siren song to free his prisoners. We helped them train, here.''

          ''An ice core,'' Ma'gann asked, curious.

         ''Some ghosts have an elemental core that gives them added powers,'' Danny explained, and he formed an ice crystal in his hand. ''I can control ice and snow with my ice core. It's the same with all the ghosts of the Far Frozen.''

         ''Other ghosts can have different cores,'' Dani says. ''Auntie Ember has a fire core like Grandma Pandora.''

       ''Can we go back to the whole 'Great One' and 'Lord' situation,'' Conner requested. ''That still has me confused.''

         ''Well, most areas of the Ghost Zone and the Mystic Isles are controlled by a monarchy,'' White said. ''Our friend Dora is the princess of her medieval realm, here. And mom is considered the queen of her Greek realm. The dryads, harpies, mermaids, fairies, and other mystical beings also have kings or queens.''

          ''It was the same for the Ghost Zone and sirens,'' Danny took over. ''They didn't have nice rulers, though. Obsidian Siren, the siren queen, and Pariah Dark, the ghost king. They ruled by using terror and their immense power. But when the two of us came into play, they attacked our town.''

         ''The ghosts fled the zone and the sirens scattered throughout the isles, all of them avoiding their rulers,'' Pandora said.

          ''They didn't like having two beings that could threaten their rules,'' Clockwork says. ''Pariah Dark was unleashed from his sarcophagus of forever sleep and Obsidian Siren sent out her worst siren soldiers.''

         ''It was a stroke of luck that we didn't face them at the same time,'' Danny said. ''Pariah Dark sucked the entire town into the Ghost Zone. I used an ecto-skeleton to amp up my powers and finally put an end to his rein.''

          ''That suit, I remind you, also nearly killed you,'' White snapped at him. ''I didn't allow him to fight for a week after that.''

          ''It's not like you can talk about nearly dying with how you defeated that siren queen,'' Danny returned the snap.

         ''Obsidian Siren was the worst siren that has ever been,'' White told the team. ''She was the siren of shadows. There was an ancient artifact, known as the Heart of the Siren. I used it to defeat her. The heart only works for the power of one of the original sirens: heart, sound, sun, moon, or love.''

         ''Which are you,'' Jaime asked.

        ''I'm the siren of pure heart,'' White answered proudly.

         ''You avoided telling them that the heart also almost drained you of your magic,'' Danny says.

          ''How would that threaten his life,'' Roy asks.

         ''The one thing that ghosts and the other creatures have in common are our magical cores,'' Clockwork explained. ''If any of us would be drained of our powers, we'd fade. It's the same with my son. If the heart had fully drained him of his magic, he would have died. Our magic is tied to our very life force.''

         ''When we fought them, we didn't know what would result from us winning,'' Danny says. ''They called out that they were battles for their domains, which we thought was so that out town would be safe. Turns out, it was more.''

        ''I think it would be better if we show them,'' White suggested.

      The two took a few steps back. Danny called his rings while White shimmered gold. Nightwing and Red Arrow got a little panicked that they were about to reveal their identities. But then, the two had changed their forms into, what seemed like, more advanced versions of their hero forms.

          Danny was in a black knight's outfit with bright white armor. His armor consisted of shoulder guards connected over his chest, armor boots, gauntlets, and an armor belt. Some of his armor was encrusted with emeralds. Tied to his neck was a long silver cape. On his right hand was the ring of rage and the crown of fire was over his head. Except that the crown was now green flames. There was a pair of twin swords attached to his armor's belt, on either side of his waist. His ''DP'' symbol was on his chest.

          White was in a different type of armor. This armor is mainly composed of silver and gold material, which is sported with gold wing-shaped pauldrons that cover his shoulders and waist. The shoulder pauldrons appear to have white wings protruding from the center of the shoulder guard and the pauldrons surrounding White's waist are held up by a simple siver belt from the front. He has a white and gold knight's outfit with a matching pair of metal arm guards and a pair of golden armor boots. A bow and quiver were on his back with a golden crown over his head.

          The team was in ah of the two. They looked like they were about to go in front of a crowd and chose people to be knights. They looked royal.

          ''We discovered these forms when we found out what their defeat meant,'' Danny said. ''What we will become when we're of age.''

          ''And that would be...'' Gar asks, jumping with excitement.

         ''I defeated Pariah Dark, so I was made prince of the Ghost Zone, to be crowned king when I turn eighteen,'' Danny says.

          ''I brought down Obsidian Siren, so that makes me the siren prince until i'm crown king at eighteen,'' White said.

         The shock seemed too much for the team. The whole lot of them fainted. Except for Red Arrow and Nightwing.

         ''I think we killed them,'' White gasped.

         ''Meh, this is the Ghost Zone, we'll see them again,'' Danny shrugged.

         ''DANNY,'' the three boys yelled.

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