Chapter 66: Witch Academy Rage

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''Have you ever seen the school this busy,'' White asked Melinda.

''Not since the time they held a three way tournament with the magic schools from Spain and Egypt,'' Melinda answered.

''They'd make a good army, i'll tell you that,'' Jaime snickered.

''What can I say, us witches and wizards like to be prepared,'' Melinda smirked. ''And in war, that is very useful.''

''Couldn't agree more,'' Skylar said.

The four of them had arrived at Witch Academy for the Magically Gifted only an hour before. The school was one of the highlights of the magical world. While not a sacred place, it was a place of beauty and hope for the future of magical children and teens.

The school was kind of like an old Victorian mansion similar to the Xavier house from X-men. The walls were made of brick and stone with columns of shiny marbles. One of the highlights was the outside courtyard. There were stone platforms that had stone ramps leading to a meadow like area with a stone fountain in the center. (See image above.) Vines of grapes and other berries hung from the platform. Stone pillars were around both of the areas.

''Never underestimate a witch or wizard during war,'' Melinda evilly giggled. ''It will be a mistake you won't live long enough to make again.''

''You're a little scary sometimes, you know that right,'' White says.

''You haven't seen my scary side just yet, Gold Siren,'' Melinda smirked, walking away to help some of the students.

''Yep, scary,'' White said. ''I rest my case.''

''Not to sound too stereotypical or cliche, but I have to ask,'' Jaime started. ''Do witches and wizards really ride brooms?''

Siren and Skylar looked at each other, then burst into laughter. They definitely weren't offended by the question.

''We aren't offended, Jaime,'' White smiled. ''While quite a few ride dragons, pegasi, unicorns, or griffins, there are those that ride brooms. There had to be something for J.K. Rowling to base Quidditch off of.''

He pointed upward, and Beetle saw a few of the students handing out broomsticks to the ones that looked like they were the athletic ones. Inwardly, Beetle was celebrating the fact that he had red the Harry Potter series as he saw the similarities in these students. One of them could have been the long lost twin of the character Oliver Wood.

''I love this world the more time I send in it,'' Jaime chuckled.

''Take it in, Jaime,'' White stated, petting Skylar's mane. ''It might not be here for very much longer.''

''I don't get it,'' Jaime said, confused.

''Jaime, magic itself is being attacked, people on both sides are dying, mystics and ghosts are waging war on the Guys In White,'' White says. ''If this doesn't stop, we might need to call back all magic on Earth, wipe the slate clean. The last thing I want is to take lives, but you must show no mercy when they show you none. After what they did to me and my brother, feeling no regret or remorse, I want them to suffer. But that just isn't me."

Beetle took Siren's hand, making the mystic look him in the eyes. He could see the strain this war was taking on the mystics. Especially his boyfriend, as he is the siren of pure heart and not meant for this kind of merciless fighting.

''As long as I stand by your side, nothing will happen,'' Jaime told him, then gave him a kiss.

There was a small squeal. They turned and saw Melinda standing there looking like Halloween had come early. (Get it, because she's a witch so would find Halloween better than Christmas.)

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