Chapter 14: Daddy Daughter Reunion

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          Frostbite let the team stay the night at the Far Frozen. He let them stay so that they could all be there for White when he woke up. When morning came, Nightwing checked in on White.

        ''Oh, Danny,'' he sighed.

         Danny had never gone to his room. Nightwing looked at his brother, who was sleeping in a chair with his head on White's bed. As close as the three of them were, twins were twins. They always had that special bond.

        Nightwing then saw that White was now fit with a fully repaired Gold Siren suit and all the red veins were gone. He patted the head of both of his brothers. White stirred, his eyes fluttering open.

         ''Anyone get the license plate on that rhino,'' he asked, sitting up and being a little dazed.

      Danny was woken up by White's question. He pounced him, giving him a giant hug. Nightwing joined them.

         ''Can't... breath,'' White choked.

         The released him from the suffocating hug.

         ''Blood Blossoms,'' he asked.

         ''Blood Blossoms,'' Danny answered. ''How those two got their psycho hands on it is beyond me.''

         ''Where are we,'' White asked.

         ''Where do you think,'' Danny smirked.

          White looked around the room. He immediately recognized the icy habitat and the healing equipment. He remembered it from the time they battled Undergrowth.

          ''The Far Frozen,'' he realized, smiling. ''We're in the Ghost Zone.''

          ''Dad was right about how creating portals is a useful skill,'' Danny smiled.

           White jolted out of bed. It worried Danny and Nightwing, as he had just recovered, but he looked fine.

          ''I'm gonna call Lena,'' White says, giddy. ''She must have been worried sick.''

         He ran off to do whatever sirens do to communicate long distance.

          ''Should I ask who this Lena is,'' Dick asks Danny.

        ''She's just a friend,'' Danny told him. ''Another siren, actually. The siren of nature.''

         ''Do sirens live here, as well,'' Dick asked.

         ''White is the one more equipped to explain this part because he's the magic expert while ghosts are more my thing,'' Danny says. ''I barely know the tip and he knows the whole iceberg.''

         ''Alright-y, then,'' Dick accepted.

         The two went back to the rest of the team. They were all awake and in the cave's living room. The ice furniture was surprisingly comfortable and not cold.

         ''You could have told us that this place was full of yeti's,'' Artemis said, annoyed.

         ''You never asked,'' Danny snickered.

          White flew in, his wings having a newfound sparkle to them from his happiness.

          ''I guess your talk with Lena went well,'' Dick chuckled, seeing the smile on his face.

      ''She answered right away,'' White smiled. ''Course, I waited about five minutes for her to stop yelling at me about vanishing for four years, then I got to explain. I could practically feel her guilt all the way from the Isle of Sirens.''

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