Chapter 3: Save Him

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            Phantom flew to the nearest city, trying his best to stay in the air. He held the gun shot wound on his side, trying to stop the bleeding.

         ''Run, Phantom, run.''

         Those words echoed in his head as a reminder of what he had to fight for. He was going to save his brother if it killed him, which it just might. But to save Siren, he would do anything. 

         But the wound and lack of energy finally became too much. He fell right out of the sky and into a tree. He managed to steady himself on one of the branches, until it broke. He crashed onto the ground. Lucky that it was night and there wasn't anybody around to see him.

        He took in his surroundings. He was in a park in the center of a large city. It was one of those cities that was always a buzz with activity. The park and the alleys were the only dark places in the entire city.

        He saw a stature at the center of the park. It was of the Dark Knight and Boy Wonder. It suddenly occurred to him where he was.

         ''I must be in Gotham City,'' Phantom says to himself. ''I sure hope that Batman's patrolling tonight.''

         He used trees as support as he tried to walk through the park. But he came to a halt as he heard voices coming his way. He used the last of his strength to go invisible. 

         He looked at the ones that came. One was... a human traffic cone? He was in a yellow outfit with red pants and gloves with yellow boots. The other was a dark-skinned boy in a red sleeveless shirt, blue pants, tattoos on his arms, and was also barefoot. The last was a teen in a navy blue body suit with a blue bird symbol on his chest and a mask over his eyes.

          ''I still don't see why we had to take over Batman's patrol,'' the traffic cone complained.

         ''Because he's Batman and we don't get on his bad side,'' the bird guy responded. ''I learned that when I was nine.''

        ''And he is busy with the league,'' the dark teen reminded them.       

         Phantom didn't trust these costume weirdos at all, thinking that they were sent by the GIW. He started backing away from the three of them. But in a complete horror movie stereotype moment, he stepped on a twig and made it go ''SNAP.''

         ''Oh crap,'' Phantom thought.

        The three heroes looked his way. They saw nothing there, Phantom thanking his invisibility right now. But Nightwing threw a metal ball in his direction. It made contact on the ground, near Phantom's feet.

        ''At least it's not a bomb,'' he thought.

         But the metal ball then erupted smoke out of it. Phantom started coughing, dropping his invisibility from lack of concentration. The three heroes were shocked at the state he was in. The torn to pieces costume, the burn marks, and the gun shot wounds. But what got to them the most was the terrified look in his eyes.

        ''Are you okay, kid,'' Kid Flash asked.

       Phantom backed away. But he tripped on a tree root, falling onto his behind. But he still tried backing away from them.

        ''Go away,'' he told them. ''I'm not going back. You can't make me.''

      ''You don't have to worry about anything,'' Aqualad says. ''We won't hurt you.''

        ''Please, just go away,'' Phantom pleaded. ''He needs me, I need to save him. And I will die to protect him.''

         ''Who is him,'' Nightwing asked.

         ''Leave me alone,'' Phantom said. ''He needs me. Just go away.''

        Nightwing looked at the kid in front of them. 

         ''If he goes anywhere, like that, he'll get himself killed,'' he thought.

         He pulled out a small perfume-like bottle from his utility belt. He put it up to Phantom's face and sprayed. The mist instantly knocked him out. Kid Flash and Aqualad looked at him weirdly.

         ''Why'd you do that,'' Wally asked.

         ''It was either this, or he gets killed doing whatever he does that got him shot in the first place,'' Nightwing responded.

          ''Point made,'' Wally agreed.

          ''I'll call Ma'gann, to get the bio-ship over here,'' Kaldur says.

         After a few minutes, Miss.Martian flew in on the bio-ship. Superboy and Beast Boy were with her. Nightwing and Aqualad put Phantom on a medical bed that was in the back of the ship. They were all shocked by this.

         ''What happened to him,'' Ma'gann asked, concerned.

          ''Who is he,'' Conner asked.

         ''We don't know,'' Wally says. ''That's the answer to both your questions.''

          ''Just get us back to the cave,'' Nightwings says.

          Miss.Martian took the controls and they took off. Beast Boy thought he saw a flash of white near Phantom, but he brushed it off.

           ''What do you suppose happened to him,'' she asked Aqualad.

         ''I don't know, Ma'gann,'' he told her.

         She flew the bio-ship in the hanger of Mount Justice. They helped pull Phantom, on the bed, into the infirmary. Kid Flash and Beast Boy ran off to get Batman. Nightwing and Aqualad patched up what wounds they could. The rest of the team showed up.

         ''What is going on,'' Batman asked,walking in. ''Who is this?''

        ''We don't know, Batman,'' Nightwing explained. ''We found his on patrol, and he was invisible until my smoke bomb went off. He was freaking out about trying to help someone, so I had to knock him out so he didn't go and get himself killed.''

          ''We've bandaged the worse of his wounds, but we fear there is more,'' Kaldur informed.

         Phantom stirred on the bed. His eyes shot open and he basically flew off the bed. 

         ''No, no, no,'' he panicked.

         ''Stop, we won't hurt you,'' Ma'gann says, nicely.

         ''I need to get out of here,'' Phantom freaked. ''I need to help him.''

         ''Just tell us who you're trying to get to,'' Kaldur said. ''We can help you.''

          ''I'm not the one that needs help,'' Phantom says. ''He needs me. They're going to kill him if I don't save him.''

          ''Who,'' Conner asked.

        ''My brother,'' Phantom panicked. ''They have him and he won't last much longer in the state he's in. Please, save him. He's all I have.''

         ''Where do these people have him,'' Batman asked.

         ''A Guys In White facility a few miles north of Gotham,'' Phantom told. ''Please. I need to save him. I could never live without him.''

          Nightwing knocked him out with the spray again. He put him back on the bed.

         ''Really, again,'' Wally complained.

         ''Do you want him going into battle like this,'' Nightwing asked. ''No. Good. Let's go storm a government facility.''

          ''Wouldn't be the first time we've done this,'' Artemis said.

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