Chapter 7: Once Lost, Now Found

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          ''Is it really you,'' Nightwing asked.

          Siren and Phantom backed away. Siren grabbed his arm for comfort. 

         ''W...who are,'' Siren stuttered, scared.

          ''I would never forget your voice, my little siren,'' Nightwing says.

          The nickname shocked both of the boys. No one ever called Siren that in ten years. Phantom never dared to because it would have brought up memories too painful for both of them. One person had ever called him that.

          ''White, Danny,'' Nightwing said, crying.

          He took off his mask, letting them see his blue eyes. They were all identical with their blue eyes and dark hair. Except for the streaks in the twin's hair. The two slowly approached the hero. 

         ''Dick,'' Danny/Phantom said.

          They crashed into each other's arms. They were all crying. They haven't seen each other is so long that it was hard for them to believe that they were really together again.

        ''Let me look at you two,'' Dick says, crying and holding their shoulders. ''You've grown up so much. I never stopped searching for you.''

          ''But we were adopted,'' White/Gold Siren said. ''Not like you could have stopped it.''

          ''Wow, no stutter,'' Danny thought. ''The shock must have snapped him out of it.''

         Nightwing shook his head, the tears still present.

       ''Those two didn't adopt you,'' Dick told them. ''Bruce, otherwise known as Batman, planned on taking us all in. But then you two vanished right off of his front lawn. We've been searching ever since.''

          ''Just when I thought those two had reach the lowest of the low, they somehow get lower,'' Danny shook his head. ''I thought torturing us was as low as they could go. But no, they had to have kidnapped us from our only real family.''

         ''I'm so sorry that all of this happened to you two,'' Dick said. ''If I had just been there for you, you would never have been taken in the first place.''

       ''You can't blame yourself, big brother,'' White comforted. ''We know how much you care, and we never blamed you. We never would have gotten our powers. Granted we were tortured, but protecting the innocent is worth it.''

      ''Your powers are definitely unique,'' Dick said. ''A ghost and siren. Who knew your nicknames would be so dead on.''

        ''I could always disappear anyway,'' Danny chuckled, them turning invisible. ''This way, it's just easier.''

         ''Dick, what about Batman,'' White asked, Danny turning visible again.

         ''What do you mean,'' Dick asks. ''He'd be happy that we found each other. He'll love you guys.''

          ''Are you sure,'' White looks at the ground. ''You two are human, and we're not. Not fully, anyway.''

          ''I'm on a team with a martian, a clone, a metahuman, a shapeshifter, and an Atlantian,'' Dick says. ''A ghost and siren would be easily accepted by him.''

          ''Are you sure,'' Danny asked.

         ''Why don't we tell him together,'' Dick assured them.

         ''I already know,'' Batman said, standing in the doorway.

        ''Eep,'' White squeaked, a gold force field appearing around him.

        ''Does he always do that,'' Dick asked.

         ''Quite often, when he gets surprised or scared,'' Danny says.

        White dropped the shield around him.

         ''We got to put a bell on that guys,'' Danny joked.

         Batman looked at the three. He saw how they all looked alike. He wanted to look less scary and intimidating, so he took off his mask.

        ''You knew that they were my brothers,'' Dick asked.

        ''You've been aimlessly trying to find them the past ten years,'' Batman says. ''You told me how you gave them those pendents as a reminder of how they were always with you. When I saw these two wearing them, I knew it had to be them.''

         ''Did you really want to take all three of us,'' White asked.

       ''I would never want to separate siblings,'' Batman told them. ''And there was also something special about you three. More so than the powers you two possess.''

         ''Batman... Bruce... this might take some getting used to,'' White says. ''What are we going supposed to do, now?''

         ''We don't have anywhere to go,'' Danny said.

          ''That's not entirely true,'' Batman told them. ''The paperwork did go through those years ago. I'd be happy if you two would join our family.'' 

           Danny and White went over to him, hugging the Dark Knight. He hugged back, the twins crying. He saw Dick looking really happy. Batman had always seen how much his son's brother's meant to him. When he thought he had a lead on them, he'd work it until it was as dry as the Sahara. He had never been more happy to see all of them together.

         ''That's all we've ever wanted,'' Danny sobbed. ''A real family.''

         ''One's that's alive, anyway,'' White mumbled.

         ''What was that,'' Dick asked.

         ''We should really bring you guys to the Ghost Zone, sometime,'' Danny says. ''There's some people there you should meet.''

         ''Would you like to meet the team,'' Batman asks. ''Properly, not with you lying unconscious in the infirmary.''

         ''We'd like that,'' White says. ''But could they keep their distance, please. The walking traffic cone, kind of, creeps me out.''

         ''Walking traffic cone,'' Dick wondered, them burst out laughing. ''You mean Wally. Oh my god, that is hilarious.''

          ''You two will be in your hero forms because no one in our family reveals their identity,'' Batman instructed.

         ''Okay,'' the twins responded.

         Danny got back his rings while White shimmered gold. They changed back to their hero identities. And since they changed, their costumes had healed themselves.

         Danny's was no longer the hazmat suit it used to be. He was in a black sweatshirt with his ''DP'' symbol on it. He also wore black pants with his white boots and white finger-less gloves. His had his snow white hair and glowing green eyes. The ghost pendent around his neck.

         White's a bit more bright. He was in a gold t-shirt under a white jacket with his gold finger-less gloves. He also wore white pants with his gold combat boots. He had gold streaked white hair and his pendent around his neck.

        ''People used to question why he was named White, when we were kids,'' Dick remembered. ''I don't think anyone will be doing that anymore.''


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