Chapter 43: The Truth Comes Out

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           ''We're about to open the portal,'' Lena called to the team.

           They all got ready. Magic users and heroes alike prepared for the battle to come. Lena snapped her fingers together, and a swirl of flower petals appeared in front of them. A portal was created from the magic.

          ''We do warn you,'' White says. ''The Isle of Stories can be a bit daunting for first timers. It's one of the most unique islands of the Mystic Isles.''

          ''The natural confusion and defenses were why this isle was chosen to harbor the Mystic Heart,'' Danny said.

          ''What type of defenses,'' Artemis asked.

          The magic users all looked at each other. Artemis and Kid Flash were the top suspects of being the mole. But they could always just scare them. Where's the fun in magic, or being part ghost, if you can't scare someone every once in a while.

          ''You know, the usual,'' Juliet says. ''Giant spiders, doors that lead to the surface of the sun, Medusa's head, stone statues and suits of armor that move on their own, the Loch Ness Monster. Pretty standard stuff.''

          All the mystic in the room snickered next to her. Course, what she said was true. But the look on Artemis' face was priceless.

         ''Did you say giant spiders,'' Ma'gann asked, a little scared.

          ''Yeah, I would stay clear of the horror and entomology sections while there, if I was you,'' Mason told her.

           The group walked through the portal. When they came out the other end, the heroes were all in a pile while the mystics landed nicely. They laughed at the inexperience the heroes have with portals.

           ''Like I keep saying, my portals are daunting for first time users,'' Lena giggled. ''It usually takes about five or six trips before you're used to it and come out unscathed.''

         When they all stood up, they were in total aw of the isle.

          It was a giant library. And by giant, it is actually infinite. There were miles and miles of book shelves. The ceiling was almost a full kilometer above their heads, with four or five floors. They could also see huge books with the titles of book genres on them. They could see the Fantasy, Classics, Graphic Novel, Children, and Science sections. There were also glass cases all around, containing strange objects. 

         The mystics calmly walked down the stairs, but the heroes were still gawking at the library isle.

           ''The Isle of Stories is a giant library,'' Jaime managed to say.

        ''The Library harbors all the knowledge of the infinite realms,'' Alya explained. ''From science and math, to ancient spells and rituals. Every piece of information in every realm can be found here.''

     ''Each section contains every single story, movie, TV show, play write, and song of that genre,'' Krinos told them. ''Like in Children, you could find nursery rhymes, Spongebob, and the Sofia the First soundtrack all in one. Each section is like a realm of its own.''

        ''What about in science,'' Wally asked, the mystics all rolling their eyes.

         ''Everything in that section has every bit of scientific knowledge ever gathered,'' Ethan stepped up. ''From Einstein's theory of relativity, to modern day work at Star Labs and Mercury Labs.''

          ''So you have access to the most cutting edge science in the world, yet you rely on your make believe magic,'' the idiotic speedster says.

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