Chapter 45: Fight For The Heart

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          ''Battle stations,'' Danny quietly ordered. ''Wait for our signal.''

          ''And trust me, it won't be subtle,'' White says, making them snicker as they left.

        ''You remember how you were before the Guys In White,'' Danny asked. ''Sweet and innocent as a human, but could smack talk like nobody's business?''

           ''Ah memories,'' White reminisced. ''What about that?''

            ''I think it's time you combine that with your royal side,'' Danny smirked.

            ''I just love the way your twisted mind works,'' White evily smiled.

            The group of villains, soldiers, and agents were about to walk through the library. But they barely made it down the stairs when Phantom used his most powerful ability, his giant mouth.

            ''Oh, look what we have here,'' Danny snickered, using his ghost invisibility. ''A creepy guy that puts shame to the real Prometheus. An ice wraith wannabe. A Green Arrow poser. The Black Canary reject. A person desperately wanting to be the Hulk. The man Atlantis would forever be ashamed of. And finally, the witch boy who's weakness is a cat.''

           ''Don't forget the soldiers that lost the second World War,'' White taunted. ''And the Guys In White. A government organization that is paid to be paranoid and bias to the supernatural. Yet, they never do any actual research. If they did, everything they thought as true would be proven as pure conspiracy theories. Weren't you guys abolished?''

           ''Come out, you cowardly monsters,'' Agent K shouted.

           Phantom turned visible and Siren flew into view. They then eyed that the Fentons were among the agents.

          ''And to finish off the list of psychos, we have the two people that tortured the two kids they once thought as their children,'' Danny said. ''We know most of you are villains probably getting paid to do this, but did they ever tell you what the Guys In White did.''

           Black Manta and Silver Banshee were the first two to step up.

           ''And why would we care what they did,'' Banshee asked. ''If the price is right, and we get to kick hero butt, it's a win win situation.''

         ''Save your breath, siren and ghost,'' Manta told them.

          ''You're Aqualad's father, are you not,'' White asked. ''Even with you two on different sides, blood is thicker than water. Weather you like it or not, you two will always be father and son.''

           ''Is that supposed to mean something,'' Manta asked, a little more harshly.

           ''Even with you on different sides, would you ever think of doing this to your own son,'' Danny asks. ''Or any child at all?''

            Phantom showed them the burn scars on his neck. Siren lifted his shirt to show the 'Y' scar from the vivisection. Black Manta was, indeed, taken back by this. Sure, Aqualad had used their connection to be a mole for the league, but he was still his son. He would never hurt a child like these two had been. He didn't know any villain that would.

           But before the could respond, the Fentons barged their way past him.

           ''Why does it matter what we did,'' Maddie glared. ''You can't feel pain.''

          ''We felt everything you put us through,'' Danny yelled. ''We may not be human, but we felt every bit of pain you put us through. Every time you would dissect us, electrocute us, beat us. You have a bias opinion of our kinds, and then ignore everything that could prove you wrong. I have met bread smarter than you.''

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