Chapter 50: The Fantasy Section

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            ''Is it seriously just the two of us, here,'' Jaime asked.

            ''Maybe fate was being kind,'' White chuckled, taking his boyfriend's hand. ''Or just wants us to be alone.''

          ''Oh, you are a tease,'' Jaime says, giving him a kiss. ''But we should get serious. The Library is under siege, remember.''

             ''I'm the siren of pure heart, love is kind of literally in my genes,'' White said. ''Not as much as Eos, as she is the actual siren of love.''

             ''Where are we, anyway,'' Jaime asked. ''Considering the obvious, Lena or Krinos would probably know.''

             They were surrounded by a thick and beautiful forest. A lake and castle could also be seen. They looked over a large castle with a forest on one side and a lake on the other. The forest was made of oak, pine, cherry blossom, and willow trees. They could see all types of animals running free in the trees and on the grounds, along with bookshelves near trees and bushes. The lake looked so clean you could probably see your reflection. They could see sea and water animals playing in the water. 

          The whole castle was made up of silver cement blocks that glistened with protective enchantments. The windows were lined with gold bricks, going with the silver. In front was a large set of doors made from maple wood. There a few towers and also a few turrets coming from the roof of the castle. There statues of different magical creatures dotted around the whole building. They could see the large stables on one side of the castle and the top of a glass dome near the back of the castle. 

         In short, it was like a fairy tale. Which was made even more obvious when a unicorn ran past them.

          ''Welcome to the Fantasy section,'' White smiled.

           ''Why am I not surprised that we ended up here,'' Jaime snickered. ''Siren are considered to be magical 'creatures.''

           ''Says the one with the magic armor,'' White said, them quickly realized what came out. ''Oh shoot.''

            Beetle looked at him like he had three heads. Siren covered his mouth, feeling really stupid about letting that slip. Only himself, Phantom, and the vampires knew about Beetle's armor really being magic instead of alien.

           ''Qué,'' Jaime gasped.

           ''I have been spending too much time with Lena,'' White complained. ''I just can't keep my big mouth shut.''

             ''What do you mean magic armor,'' Jaime asked. ''I thought the scarab was created by the Reach. Like the scarab for Green Beetle and Black Beetle.''

            ''The Reach did, indeed, make the scarabs for themselves and Mars, but they stole yours,'' White explained. ''About 500 years ago, a powerful set of armor were created. It as called the scarab because it was a set of Egyptian magicians that created it. They used the Isle of Crystal's magic. Your armor's made from black onyx, a gem that uses power for combat with a true warrior, and sapphire, a gem that harnesses the power of the moon.''

           ''So, the Reach stole the scarab and then later used it to create their own copies,'' Jaime put together.

            ''Yeah, pretty much,'' White shrugged. ''Truthfully, we didn't know about your armor until Phantom had a talk with Dracula and the other vampires. We all had that same feeling of your armor's inner magical aura. Plus, no technology is near artificial intelligence, yet. Red Tornado, Torpedo, Inferno, and Volcano are pretty much the only exceptions for that. That voice in your armor is the spirit of the scarab.''

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