Chapter 64: BOYFRIEND TURNS INTO A WEREWOLF?! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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At the light of the full moon, Player fell to his knees.

Player: Wait, what's happening?

Y/n: Player, what's wrong?!

Player screamed, as cyan blue fur formed on his arm and grew a cyan tail.

Earlier that day...

The duo couples were walking down the street at night with Girlfriend in a bad mood.

Girlfriend: Can you believe the nerve of that dog shelter guy? (mocking) "All our furry friends have been adopted by their forever families." What a scrooge. 

Y/n: Why did we even go to a dog shelter? I thought we were going to be a cat family.

Kelly: Sometimes it's best not to question my sister's choices.

Girlfriend: I just want a little pupper to love and cherish forever! Is that too much to ask?!

Player: Look on the bright side, Girlfriend. At least all the puppies found good homes, right?

Girlfriend: But we're the best home, Player. Oh I guess the puppy shaped hole in our family will be empty forever.

Y/n: Well, I wouldn't say forever. We'll find a dog eventually. I personally hope it's a pug.

Kelly: Me too. So adorable.

Suddenly, they heard a loud howl.

Girlfriend: Guys, did you hear that?

Y/n: It was kind of hard not to.

Player: Yeah, it sounded like-

Girlfriend: A poor lost pupper who needs our love!

Player: I was gonna say homicidal wolf.

Kelly: Homicidal sounds a bit harsh. Maybe a better term would be, a little feral.

Girlfriend: Don't be so judgmental, Player. Let's give him a chance. Oh, there he is.

They looked ahead to see a brown dog.

Player: Oh, he stinks.

The dog turned around to show his red eyes and a bone in his mouth.

Girlfriend: Aw, puppy's got a little bone.

Player: Girlfriend, that's a wolf. A wolf that's clearly eating a human arm bone.

Girlfriend: Wolf, smolf. That's our new doggo!

Y/n: But what if he has something? Like rabies.

Kelly: Yeah, I really don't think we should go near a random dog on the street.

Girlfriend: Don't be so negative. Player, go over to him and give him his collar.

She pulled out a collar out of nowhere.

Girlfriend: I think we'll call him... (gasp) Puppy Purist. Oh, it's perfect!

Player took the collar.

Player: Uh, I'll try.

Y/n: Don't worry, Player. I'll be your backup.

Kelly: Be careful, you two.

Y/n: Don't worry, babe. We'll be fine.

Player and Y/n walked over to the wolf and when it saw them, it stood on its two hind legs.

Player: Oh, nah-uh. Girlfriend, normal dogs do not stand up like this!

Y/n: Wolves don't stand up like this.

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