Chapter 17: Among Us logic 13: Revive the Dead!

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(Y/n and Blue moments)

Y/n was waiting in the lobby with everyone and suddenly Blue spawned in.

Blue: Alright, time for some Among Us.

Y/n: Oh, Blue.

Blue looked over and saw Y/n

Blue: Oh no.

Y/n: You remember our deal, lose the helmet and change your color to purple.

Blue: But-

Y/n: Now.

Blue: Fine.

He did as he was told and the game started.

(Start of real Chapter.)

Blue was the Impostor and he was walking to medbay where he saw an orange player with an astronaut helmet on.

Blue: Woah, what are you working on in here?

Orange player: Ha. It's a revive mechanic. You lay down on this table slap on this helmet and bam, start the program.

Blue: Cool, mind if I see it in action?

Orange player: Well, I would have to be dead in order for it to work.

Blue: Okay, fair enough.

Blue hit the orange player with the needle tongue and killed him.

Blue: Ha, sucker. Now just one more kill and I win.

He walks off but little did he know that the orange player used the last bit of his strength to put his hand on the revive machine then blue walked into the upper engine where Mother was at but she didn't have Timmy or Franklin with her.

Mother: Gotta do my task, like a Crewmate should. Oh, you gotta hand it to him. Captain knows how to write good hooks.

She noticed Blue.

Mother: Oh, why hello, Blue. Or should I call you Purple?

Monster: Yeah, don't call me either of those. My new name is Monster.

He hit her with the needle tongue too and she dropped to the floor dead with her bone sticking out.

Monster: Yuck, it's so gross when their bone just sticks out like that. Hey, hey, Victory.

But nothing was happening.

Monster: Wait, why didn't I win just now?

The orange player who was named Not-Orange called a meeting that said him Monster and blue Y/n were the only ones left.

Not-Orange: It was Monster. I saw him murder Mother.

Y/n: So, first you show up out of nowhere? and now you murder my good friend, Mother! You need to clean up your act.

Blue: Woah, what? How are you still alive right now?

Not-Orange: What do you mean?

Y/n: And who exactly are you talking to?

Monster: First off, I'm talking to Not-Orange. Second off, I killed him just a minute ago.

Not-Orange: Uh, clearly you didn't. But the fact that you think you did proves that you're the Impostor.

Y/n: Let's vote him out.

Monster: Wait a minute, your machine it worked.

After that game Player spawned into the lobby and sees some type of argument consisting of MrCheese, Veteran, Mother, Y/n, Not-Orange, and Monster. But MrCheese was yellow Veteran was green and Mother didn't have her kids.

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