Chapter 55: BOYFRIEND and KENNETH vs. SHAGGY?! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Shaggy from Scooby-Doo was facing the wall of a hunted house.

Shaggy: You have no idea what you've done.

His hair stood up and turned light blue while Girlfriend was chuckling and her eyes were glowing red.

Girlfriend: Yes, Shaggy. I can feel your anger.

Y/n: (red eyes) Let your hatred grow.

Player and Kelly were in complete shock.

Earlier that day.

The duo couples were walking in the middle of nowhere.

Player: Uh, Girlfriend, why are we walking out here in the middle of nowhere?

Girlfriend: Don't worry, we're taking a shortcut.

Kelly: What are you talking about, Girlfriend? This is probably one of the longest routes to our house.

Girlfriend: What I meant to say was, a shortcut to Adventure!

Player: Uh, okay.

Y/n: Do we really need a shortcut? Wherever we go it always seems to be an adventure.

They continued walking until lightning struck in front of them which startled Player and made Kelly shake and grabbed Y/n's shoulder.

Girlfriend: (sigh) Really?

Player: Yeah, I'm not proud of myself.

Girlfriend: Of course, I didn't expect anything less from my adorable little twin sister.

Kelly: Hey, d-don't tease me. Th-the boom was loud.

Y/n: I honestly think it's cute, Kelly.

Kelly blushed and squeezed Y/n's shoulder tighter.

Y/n: You're going to brake my shoulder if you keep squeezing like that.

Kelly let go of Y/n's shoulder while still blushing.

Kelly: (blushing) S-sorry.

Player: Hey, do you guys see that up ahead?

He pointed to a haunted looking house with a van called "The Mystery Machine" parked in front of it.

Inside the house.

Shaggy was looking for is Gang.

Shaggy: Daphne? Velma? Scooby-Doo like, where are you?

He stopped by a window and lightning struck near it which scared Shaggy.

Shaggy: Zoinks!

He fell off the railing.


Player, Y/n, Girlfriend and Kelly walked in the house.

Player: Huh, you see anybody?

Girlfriend: Nope.

Kelly: Not a soul apart from us.

Shaggy: Zoinks!

Gang: Huh?

Shaggy landed on Player.

Girlfriend: Oh, my God. Are you all right?

Kelly Did you brake anything in your or our friend's body?

Shaggy got up.

Shaggy: Like, yeah, man. I'm fine.

Y/n: Of course you would be. Your Norville Shaggy Rogers.

Shaggy: Seems my reputation really has skyrocketed. You okay, little man?

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