Chapter 34: Among Us Logic: Daycare.

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MrCheese was in the Development room developing photos of him and TheGentleman together.

MrCheese: Yeah, that's the last one. Like any strong relationship, these photos will take some time to develop, but in the end, it'll be worth the wait.

TheGentleman walked in.

TheGentleman: MrCheese? What are you doing all alone in here?

MrCheese: Oh, hey, Gentleman. I'm just finishing up my last task now.

TheGentleman: As am I. In a manner of speaking.

MrCheese: Well, whatever it is, make sure to get it done quick. Those dastardly Impostors could be preparing to strike at any-

Before he could finish TheGentleman stabbed him in the heart with a knife then MrCheese fell in TheGentleman's lap.

MrCheese: But... why?

TheGentleman: I am sorry it's come to this, beanie boy. I hope you understand.

MrCheese died and TheGentleman noticed the photos.

TheGentleman: Oh, was this from our business retreat to Cameroon?

TheGentleman won along with Mother as the Impostor then Player entered the lobby waiting for the next game to start.

Player: Ah, good old Among Us. Those other games were fun and all, but it's time to get back to the basics.

Veteran was sitting behind Player.

Veteran: Hey, down in front! You're blocking the show.

Player: Show? What show?

Veteran: Just grab a seat, dude. We're about to witness some major drama unfold.

MrCheese and TheGentleman were arguing.

TheGentleman: Oh, MrCheese, be reasonable! I had to stab you directly in the heart in order to win the game.

TheGentleman reached his hand towards MrCheese but MrCheese smacked it away.

MrCheese: Yeah, sure, whatever, why don't you tell it to your new business associate, Mother?! Apparently, you two are super close now.

Blue Y/n suddenly got between them.

Y/n: All right. That's enough! TheGentleman, you didn't have to kill MrCheese exactly, you could've killed anyone to win. MrCheese, don't get mad at Gentleman, it's just a game. Now, apologize to each other.

TheGentleman: He can apologize first.

MrCheese: If you don't want to apologize, then why don't you go run to Mother?

TheGentleman: Well, maybe I will, at least she's mature and acts her age!

MrCheese: Which is what? Like a 100 million billion years old?

Veteran: Ooh, burn.

TheGentleman: Oh, you little- That's it!

TheGentleman walked to Mother and Y/n followed him.

TheGentleman: Excuse me, Mother. Would you like to take a break from this silly little children's game, and grab a bite to eat?

Y/n: Never thought you'd actually ask her out.

Mother: W-Well, I'd love to, Gentleman.

Captain and Dum walked over to them but nobody noticed them.

Mother: But I can't leave little Timmy and Franklin here unsupervised. Y/n, do you think you could watch them?

Y/n: Sure.

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