Chapter 26: Among Us logic: The Return of Novisor and Yesvisor

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Previously on Gametoons x male reader.

Veteran: Nobody has figured out what causes Novisor and Yesvisor to show up, but if you're playing on the Skeld there's a small chance that they're lurking about, stalking you like prey. If Novisor catches you, he turns you into a hideous novisor, but for Yesvisor if he catches you he turns you into a yesvisor. Whichever one catches you, you become cursed to hunt these halls just like them!

Player: I mean, I'm not scared of a couple silly ghost that probably aren't even real.

Veteran: Yeah, me neither.

Y/n: And even if they were real, I'll just beat them into next week.

Suddenly, Novisor and Yesvisor showed up.

Novisor: You should be scared.

Yesvisor: And you think you could take us on, huh?

They tried to make a run for it but Novisor grabbed Player and Veteran while Yesvisor took Y/n and the two ghost phased through the wall and took the three of them too.

Right now on Gametoons x male reader.

Player and blue Y/n were sleeping in two beds in the medbey of Myra HQ.

Player: (Sleep talking: Just leave me alone.)

Y/n: (Sleep talking: No, I'll save you.)

Later Novisor was looming over Player's bed while Yesvisor was looming over Y/n's bed and they were like that for about two minutes until they vanished.

Player: (Sleep talking: No, stay back, Novisor and Yesvisor.)

Y/n: (Sleep talking: Player, we need to get away from... Novisor and... Yesvisor.)

The two of them woke up.

Player/Y/n: Oh, whoa.

Player: What a weird dream. I never gonna be able to go back to sleep after that.

Y/n: There's no way your dream could be anywhere near as weird as mine, but besides that two other weird things are one, how did we sleep with these hats on, and two-

As Player and Y/n were getting up they saw Veteran was sleeping next to Player.

Veteran: Oh, Yeah, hey dudes.

They all got out of their beds.

Player: Veteran, what are you doing here?

Y/n: Player, what are we doing here?

Veteran: Looks like we're playing Among Us, as always. (stretch) Well, time to do our tasks.

The three of them walked out of there.

Player: Hold on, aren't either of you the least bit concerned that we woke up INSIDE the game?

Y/n: Yeah, that's what I was going to say the other weird thing was.

Veteran: Dudes, I spend 18 hours a day playing this game. The way I see it, this just saved me a walk to my mom's computer.

Player: I'm not gonna question that.

They stopped walking.

Player: But guys. Let me ask you both this, what's the last thing either of you two remember.

Y/n: Well, I remember we were on the Skeld, then we started running, but after that it's all just a big blur.

Veteran: Hmm. Well, I do remember someone standing exactly where you are right now, asking me what the last thing I remember is. I also remember someone standing exactly where Y/n is right now saying he remembered us running on the Skeld.

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