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At a music festival a band consisting of a guy with black hair and a light blue jacket playing the bass guitar, a blonde guy with sunglasses playing the drums, and a guy with spikey black hair and a black and blue hoodie singing lead and the gang was watching the performance from the crowd.

Girlfriend: Wow. These guys are really good.

Y/n: They're okay, but it would be nice if they had a female band member.

Kelly: I know, right? Women deserve fair rights.

Player: Yeah, like Hatsune Miku.

Girlfriend: Not every band has to be led by a pop star Vocaloid, Player.

Player: No, but they should be.

The song finished.

Girlfriend: Well, even if this isn't your thing, I appreciate you bringing me to Starlight Mayhem.

Kelly: Me too. I want popcorn after this.

Player: Sure. But, "Starlight Mayhem"? That's kind of a dumb name for a band.

Y/n: I kinda like it.

Kelly: The name is cool, but that's not the name of the band.

Girlfriend: Yeah, the band's name is, "No Command." Starlight Mayhem is the name of the festival.

Player: That's even worse.

Y/n: Yeah, they should have named their band Starlight Mayhem.

Spikey black hair guy: Thank you all! It's really good to have everyone here.

He looked at the crowd.

Spikey black hair guy: Wait, huh, is that you?

Girlfriend: (gasp) Is some celebrity here?

Player: Oh, I hope it's Miku-san!

Kelly: I can think of two people it might be.

Y/n: Who?

Spikey black hair guy: Hey! You with the blue hair and red beanie and the other guy with the sword and knight helmet. Your Player and Y/n, right?

Player: Uh, yeah?

Y/n: Who's asking?

Spikey black hair guy: No way! Come up here, dudes!

Girlfriend: Can't we ever have a nice, relaxing date night without any distractions?

Kelly: Yeah, we can't even go into a big crowd without being recognized?

Player: I guess that's the price of being awesome.

Y/n: It's both a blessing and a curse.

The four of them walked on stage.

Spikey black hair guy: Everybody! These are the guys who beat Daddy Dearest!

Y/n: And Mommy Mearest.

Spikey black hair guy: Right, and Mommy Mearest! Come on, give it up!

The whole crowd started to cheer.

Guy with the bass: Whoa, Player's a lot shorter than I imagined.

Guy on drums: Yeah he's like, shrimp size.

Guy with the bass: Honestly, your accomplishments are much more impressive now. Considering how small and pathetic looking you are. Good job.

Player: Uh, thanks, random band members.

Abel: Oh, I'm Abel. I slap the bass, man.

Max: And I'm Max. I bang on the drums.

Player: sweet backstories.

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