Chapter 49: BOYFRIEND and KENNETH vs. AGOTI?! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Inside some sort of void place with floating rocks everywhere and a paper white sky Girlfriend and Kelly gently floated down on a floating rock that served as the speaker they usually sit on and flipped they're hair. While Y/n flew down in his first stage Dragon form and he turned back when he landed on a much bigger rock. Finally, Player landed hard on his face.

Player: Ow.

Y/n: Player, have you been taking those gymnastics classes I told you to take? They don't seem to be helping you much.

Player: (getting up) I honestly haven't been going, things like that aren't my thing.

Y/n: Should've known.

Girlfriend: Wow, this place is interesting.

Player: Yeah, what's up with all the floaty rocks and weird sky.

Y/n: I can't even tell what this place is.

Girlfriend: My guess, this is some kind of ancient void used to imprison special begins of power.

Player: That's oddly specific.

Y/n: A little too specific if you ask me.

Kelly: Sometimes it's better not to question the things like Girlfriend's predictions, babe.

???: Welcome, inmates.

A tall guy about Tabi's hight with a completely black face and hair, sharp teeth, blank white eyes, a red hoodie with a black hood, black fingerless gloves, long black pants with chains near his pockets, and red and black shoes walked over to them.

Girlfriend: Ha. Knew it.

Player: Well, when you're right, you're right.

Black face: How was your fall? I'm surprised someone as small as you didn't brake anything, let alone cry.

Player: Oh, thanks for your concern. You know, I did feel the tears start bubbling up, but I held them all in. Because I'm tough.

Girlfriend: Player, this guy is mocking you.

Player gasped.

Y/n: That said, I'm also kinda surprised that you didn't even break a single bone in your body.

Black face: It's been awhile since I've seen some new, ugly faces around here.

Kelly: Ugly?!

Girlfriend: Yeah, who are you calling ugly, pal.

Y/n: Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?

Player: Yeah, I'm not about to be called ugly by some Knuckles fanboy.

Black face: Um, Knuckles?

Girlfriend: The echidna, from the Sonic series. Although, to me you look more like Shadow.

Kelly: Sis, Shadow has a bit of red on him and his quills stick up a little more than that.

Girlfriend: Oh yeah.

Player/Y/n: Oh, My God. (blushing) You know about Sonic stuff?

Girlfriend: Yeah.

Kelly: Sonic's gotten so popular, who wouldn't know about him?

Player/Y/n: (heart eyes) I love you so much, Girlfriend/Kelly.

Girlfriend/Kelly: (blushing) Awww.

Black face: Okay, enough. You guys don't get it, this is not a happy place, it's a prison. I've been trapped here for nearly a year. It's torture.

Y/n: And let me guess, a guy named "Daddy Dearest" trapped you here?

Black face: How did you know?

Y/n: Let's just say, you're not the first person we met whose life he ruined.

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