Chapter 18: Among Us logic 14: Cheaters Lobby

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(Y/n cheating moment)

Y/n was sitting in the cafeteria alone with his thoughts.

Y/n: (Thinking: I should've never let Player side with those cheaters and now I don't know where he is.)

He thought of an idea.

Y/n: (Thinking: Maybe I can catch them in the act.)


Monster and Not-Orange walked into medbey to use the revive machine but the doors shut behind them.

Monster: Wait, what?

Y/n suddenly vented in.

Not-Orange: So, it was you?

Y/n: Yeah, and you two are going to the same place my best friend is.

Monster: And why's that.

Y/n showed the two of them pictures of the revive Machine he took.

Y/n: Once I show these pictures to inner Sloth, you're definitely going to the same place Player is.

Not-Orange: Oh, well take those pictures from you before you even get a chance to show them.

Y/n: Oh, I don't think you will.

He draws his sword.

Monster: So what? Even if you kill one of us the other one will report the others death.

Y/n: We'll see about that.

He messed with his kill cooldown counter.

Not-Orange: What are you doing?

Y/n: I might be going down. But I'll at least now I took you both down with me.

He slashed them both in half and he won.

Y/n: Don't worry, Player. I'm coming for you.

(Start of real chapter)

Player was playing a game of Among Us as a Crewmate but there were like 100 other Player there and they all spawned in the Skaled.

Player: What the, this can't be right.

Player called an emergency meeting.

Player: Okay, can anyone tell me what's going on here?

A white player called ProGamer started to talk.

ProGamer: Well uh, you see.

Everyone else started to talk at the same time. But because of that Player couldn't understand any of them.

Player: Oh My God! (covered his ears) My ears, my ears! Oh, make it stop!

Player got ejected.

Player: Oh, thank God.

Player spawned in the cheaters Lobby waiting for the next game.

Player: It's not fair. I finally won a match and just because I cheated a tiny little bit I'm stuck in this cheaters lobby forever.

He sees the white plunger guy sitting on a crate playing a harmonica.

Player: I don't get it, SirClogsworth. How can you be okay with being trapped in this place? It's dirty, dark, dank, drab.

SirClogsworth played his harmonica a little more before saying.

SirClogsworth: Don't forget. Derelict, dangerous, duplicatous, and discordant.

Player: Deformed, deranged, deviant.

SirClogsworth: Dire, dawa, dodgy, dubious, dusty, dismal, dreary.

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