Chapter 1:Fall Guys logic

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A red player spawns inside of Fall Guys.

Red Player: Wow so this is Fall Guy ultimate knockout, I sure hope I do well. Maybe I can even win my first match.

???: You won't.

He turns and sees a yellow player that looks like a bullet.

Red Player: Oh hello there. Is this your first time playing too?

Bullets Player: First time? Do you seriously not see the bullet costume I got on? You think they just give this thing away like it's some kind of cactus suit? No, I earned my stripes maggot. I've been fighting this fight for so long I forgot exactly what I'm fighting for.

???: Yeah that's a great speech and all but it won't help you win.

They both turn to see a black Fall Guys character.

Bullet Player: And who are you supposed to be?

Y/n: The names Y/n, and that crown is as good as mine.

This made the Bullet Player really angry.

Red Player: I want to buy one of those cute unicorn skins.

The Bullet Player gets up in the red player's face.

Bullet Player: Listen here kid I've been around long enough to understand the rotting filth of a noob like you. Someone who doesn't have what it takes to dodge huge tumbling fruit and will probably scramble your team's eggs. You can't climb to the top of Fall Mountain, and you're certainly too weak to go sinner fan here at the Whirly gig that's where the true heroes are made.

He points to Y/n.

Bullet Player: And all that go's for you too, noobs like you haven't earned the right to be so confident. Out of kindness, I won't actively try to troll you two on your very first run, but you two better get one thing through those big ugly bean-shaped heads of yours right now: I am not your friend, I'm your worst nightmare.

Y/n: And you better get one thing through that big ugly bean-shaped head of yours right now, I'm going to annihilate you. And red player guy, out of kindness, I'll help you through this first run.

Red Player: Wow thanks, okay well have fun.

They look up at a giant board which is counting down from 3.

Board: 3...2...1...Go.

The other players all start running and leave Red Player and Y/n behind.

Y/n: Come on man we got to go we're already so far behind.

Red Player: Okay not a great start, but we can still do this.

They both start running. Suddenly, red player gets knocked back by some kind of spinning stick on the ground.

Y/n: Are you're okay dude?

Red Player: Yeah I'm fine, I got it this time.

He starts to run then he gets knocked off.

Red Player: Ahhh!

Y/n: Red Player!

then he responds.

Red Player: Alright enough messing around.

Y/n and Red Player jump over the spiny thing on the ground.

Red Player: Yes we did it nothing's going to stop us...

They both get hit by that same stick and got bounced almost all the way across the map. They land right in front of the Whirly gig. Red player starts remembering what the Bullet guy said.

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