Chapter 59: BOYFRIEND and KENNETH GET A FAN CLUB?! Friday Night Funkin'

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Player was tied up to a chair with his eyes closed. When he opened them he saw Sarvente, Monika and Sky looking at him with pure anger in their eyes. Player tried to say something, but he had duck tape over his mouth, so they tore it off.

Player: Ouch.

Sky: This is your last chance, Player. Choose to be with one of us, or choose death!

Player: I'll never leave Girlfriend!

Sky: So be it. Let's get him, girls!

The three girls began to transform. And then the scene paused and Player began to speak.

Player: Hello, everybody. As you can tell, this guy right here is me. And boy have I gotten myself into a pickle this time. See, I made these three ladies very, very angry. They're all in love with me and Y/n, but I'm in love with Girlfriend and Y/n is in love with her sister, Kelly. The game forced us to be together at first, but I like to think it was destiny. I'm just a gushy romantic I suppose. Y/n on the other hand dated Kelly out of his own freewill and she felt the same way. Guess Y/n's more natural at love than he thought.

He turned the clip to Sarvente.

Player: Let's start with Sarvente. She's a demonic, succubus nun that got the hots for me after I beat her then boyfriend, Ruv in a rap battle, and got the hots for Y/n after he beat her in her demon form. Once she finishes her transformation, she'll have big wings, fangs, and horns, and is going to be extremely motivated to kill me. Yet, somehow she's the least of my worries.

He then turned to Monika.

Player: This lovable little psychopath's name is Monika. She's originally from another game that Y/n once played called, "Doki Doki Literature Club." Which sounds substantially less violent than it is. As you can see from these various glitch patterns, she's not just emotionally, but also physically unstable within our world. Anything can set her off. And that level of uncertainty is down right horrifying.

He finally showed Sky.

Player: But it's nothing compared to this abomination. Her name is Sky. And while she may seem like the girl next door of your dreams, she is nothing but a walking, talking nightmare. She's about to turn into her final form with big glowing red eyes. Just straight up obsessed with me and Y/n. Look at the hair and the shirt. This is fangirl at its peak toxicity. Yep, I am definitely about to die. And the worst part is that it's all my fault! Here let me show you.

Earlier that day.

Player and Y/n were signing autographs at the mall where there was a huge line with the front of it being Sans from Undertale.

Player: (sighing) "To our biggest fan, Sans."

Sans: (laughing) That rhymes.

Player: Here you go, buddy.

Y/n: One autograph from us to you.

Sans took the autograph.

Sans: Hey, Boyfriend and Kenneth-

Player/Y/n: Player and Y/n.

Sans: Right, sorry. Um, Player and Y/n. I was wondering, do either of you think you could play my Mod sometime?

Girlfriend: Oh, that sounds like fun.

Kelly: Really seems like a good chance to try a new experience.

Player: Yeah, I don't know, you guys. I mean, me and Y/n are pretty wanted men now. There's a lot of mods to get through still and I've already actually played Undertale so...

Y/n: But it's not a no, just a not now.

Sans: Oh, I understand.

Girlfriend: It was nice to meet you, Sans.

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