Chapter 52: CAROL & WHITTY DATE WEEK! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Whitty screamed in anger as his face started to turn red.

Carol: Whitty, no!

Whitty: What have I done?

A huge explosion took place where they were at.

Earlier that day.

Carol and Whitty were laying down on the grass next to each other facing the sky with their eyes closed and not too far away from them were Kelly and Y/n who were also laying on the grass but instead of facing the sky they were facing each other. The four of them than got two tendem bicycles an road side by side. Than they were in a restaurant where Carol and Whitty were sharing a plate of spaghetti while Y/n and Kelly were feeding each other some creamy crab cakes. Than they were dancing in a ballroom where Carol and Whitty were slow dancing while Y/n spun Kelly around and ducked her head down. And they topped it all off with a walk on a roof of a building in the city at night holding hands.

Carol: Wow, Whitty. This whole day has been just... magical.

Y/n: Yeah, thanks for inviting us on a double date. It was such a good idea.

Whitty: Don't mention it.

Kelly: Don't sale yourself short, you showed me a pretty romantic time too, babe.

Y/n: Well, you know how I am when it comes to you, my dear.

Kelly/Carol: (blushing) I... I love you, Y/n/Whitty.

Y/n/Whitty: I love you too.

Y/n and Kelly hugged each other tight.

???: Oh, come on, give me a break.

Y/n/Kelly/Whitty/Carol: Hm?

They turned around and saw Player and Girlfriend behind them.

Whitty: Whoa, where did you guys come from?

Carol: Yeah, were you two like, following us or something? That's creepy.

Y/n: Player, you're my best friend, but I'm gonna have to side with Carol on this one.

Kelly: Me too. Even if you're my sister, it's still weird.

Whitty: Learn some boundaries.

Player: What? No. Are you guys being serious right now?

Girlfriend: We've literally been on a triple date with you four all day.

Carol: Huh, really?

Whitty: You have?

Kelly: Babe?

Y/n: Don't look at me, I'm questioning it too.

Player: Uh, yeah. You ignored us the entire time.

Carol/Whitty/Kelly/Y/n: Hmm?


While the two couples were laying on the grass Player and Girlfriend were being attacked by a bee.

Player: Don't let it sting me, Girlfriend! I'm deathly allergic!

Girlfriend: I'm trying!

Player: Grab my epipen, grab my epipen!

They were also riding a tandem bicycle behind the two couples.

Girlfriend: The tandem bicycle is an odd choice.

Player: Yeah, not very practical.

A bee came and stunk Player in the nose and that made him fall back.

At the restaurant.

Player and Girlfriend were sitting at a different table where Player was eating chicken nuggets and Girlfriend eating a salad.

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