Chapter 10: Among Us logic 8

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We hear music playing and it's a song written by MrEgg called "Where we started" and MrEgg was standing in the view of a window and started to sing.

MrEgg: I was looking out the door, always looking around for more.

Start seeing images of him and TheGentleman together.

MrEgg: Didn't know it, had everything I needed, and tried to give me all the clues, hoping I would see the truth, didn't know it, didn't know till we parted.

He puts his head up in the air.

MrEgg: Couldn't see signs, until you had enough to say goodbye.

We go to seeing a horizon.

MrEgg: I wish I could go back to where we started.

We see a constellation of TheGentleman.

MrEgg: Wish that I could find a way to say, sorry that I let you go, sorry that I got so cold. Wish I could go back to where we were.

It turns out the whole thing was a video that TheGentleman was watching with two fazs then MrCheese walked in with a pink dress and curlers.

MrCheese: (yawn) What are you watching TheGentleman?

TheGentleman started to panic.

TheGentleman: Oh, nothing, it's nothing.

He then quickly shut the computer then we see Player spawned in the game with a sad expression on his face and Veteran, Captain, and Y/n came up to him.

Veteran: Hey. What's up Homeslice?

Captain: Yeah, hiya bestie.

Veteran: Dude, we talked about this me and Y/n are his best friends, not you.

Captain: You said we all could be best friends together.

Veteran: That was obviously just a lie to make you feel better.

Y/n: Will you guys cut it out?

Player: Yeah guys. if you're going to argue can you do it somewhere else? I'm feeling kind of down today.

Captain: But, I want to be around you at all times.

Veteran: Wow creep alert, don't worry I'll leave you alone Player. A real best friend can tell when their Buddy needs some space.

Captain: Oh, I'll give him so much space he'll basically feel completely abandoned.

Veteran: See? Now you're going too far in the other direction.

Captain: Dang it.

They both walk off leaving just Player and Y/n Alone Together.

Player: Did you not hear me when I said I want to be alone right now?

Y/n: Player, I promised I'd help you through tough times. So I'll stick by you at all times through your highest to lowest times.

Player started to cheer up a bit

Player: Thanks Y/n. You always know how to make me feel better.

Y/n: You're welcome.

Player then sighed.

MrEgg: Yeah, I know that feeling.

They both turned around to see MrEgg wearing a pink space suit instead of an orange one.

Player: MrEgg? Is that you? I barely recognized you in the pink.

MrEgg: Well, MrCheese and I couldn't both be orange. So yeah, here I am.

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