Chapter 11: Among Us logic 9

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A light turned on and showed Veteran without his crown and he also sees three visors.

Player: Alright bub, we're the last four players remaining.

The light showed that the three visors are MrCheese Player and blue Y/n.

Player: And we're on to you, you better start talking.

MrCheese: You're going to sing like a little Canary. Tweet tweet.

Y/n: I'm telling you both he's innocent.

Veteran: Listen to Y/n, you got the wrong guy. Where am I? What's going on...

Before you can finish Player slapped him in the face.

Player: I'll be asking all the questions around here pal. Alright first question...

MrCheese: What's your favorite color?

Veteran: Uh, yellow.

MrCheese: Wrong answer pal.

Y/n: MrCheese, that was the right answer.

MrCheese just ignored him and slapped Veteran across the face.

Veteran: Ow, dude.

Player: Hey, MrCheese. Uh, quick sidebar.

MrCheese: Oh yeah, sure thing.

They both turn around for a sidebar.

Player: Okay. First off MrCheese, you're doing great (thumbs up).

MrCheese: Yeah, thanks, I definitely thought so.

Player: Just got a couple notes for you is all.

MrCheese: Uh-huh.

Player: Okay, first, your questions need to be about the murders because we're trying to find out who the killer is.

MrCheese: Oh yeah, right, right, right. Good note, good note.

Player: And second, before we went into this we kind of agreed that you would be the good cop and I would be the bad cop.

MrCheese: Yeah, but I want to be the bad cop. I'm sort of a loose cannon that plays by his own rules.

Player: Okay, fine, I was really looking forward to it but I will switch and be the good cop and you can be the bad cop.

MrCheese: Great idea Player.

They both turned back around to Veteran.

Player: Sorry about that Veteran, it's been a stressful game for everyone I think, we just want to ask you a couple of questions in order to get to the bottom of this. Can I get you anything? A water? Coffee perhaps?

Veteran: Uh, no thanks.

Y/n: Wow, you both slapped him in the face and you think a cup of coffee is going to fix that.

MrCheese: How about I bring you a nice warm glass of goat's milk? Mmm, delicious.

Veteran: Ew. Why would you warm up goat's milk?

MrCheese: Well, I didn't intentionally, it's been sitting in my car all day.

Player: We're gonna need another sidebar. Y/n you're included.

Y/n: Fine.

All three turned around.

MrCheese: What's up partner?

Player: MrCheese, the whole good cop bad cop routine only works when there's one good cop and one bad cop.

MrCheese: Right, makes sense.

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