Chapter 15: Among Us logic 11

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(Y/n and Mother moments)

Y/n was in the Dropship with Timmy and Franklin then Mother spawned in.

Mother: Y/n, I'm back.

Y/n: Hey Mother.

Mother: So, Timmy and Franklin didn't cause you too much trouble. Did they?

Y/n: Not at all.

Mother: Well, I really appreciate you looking after them while I was gone.

Y/n: It's no problem. I mean, it's the least I could do after I turned on you that one game.

Mother: Well, consider yourself forgiven.

Y/n: I'm glad I could be of service.

Mother: So, are you planning on fixing things up with TheGentelman anytime soon?

Y/n: Maybe. Are you planning on telling him how you feel anytime soon?

Mother: I uh (blush) don't know what you're talking about.

Y/n: Sure you don't.

Mother: Can't we just start the match already?

Y/n: Okay.

(Start of real Chapter)

Inside a house in the snow there was a blue Among Us player with Christmas lights on his head sitting in front of a fireplace with five stockings hanging on it that each had names And they were. Player, Veteran, TheGentelman, MrCheese, and Y/n. Then the blue guy looked up.

Blue Christmas Guy: Ah, hello there. What? You've never seen a talking blue guy with random lights on his head? We're pretty common here at the North Polus, right across the street from Santa's workshop. But while his Elves are all happy and healthy busy building toys for all the good boys and girls out there ahead of Christmas Eve. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, too. This time of year truly can be magical when it's filled with hope and cheer, but it's not all carolyn and sleigh bells. If I live to be hundred I will never forget the year when Player saved Christmas and Y/n ended a longtime Feud. Even in Among Us a game full of lying, backstabbing, and death there can be happy endings. You don't believe me? Well then let me tell you my favorite Among Us Christmas story of all.

The story started in the usual Dropship.

Blue Christmas Guy: The game started out like any other, with Player spawning right into the Dropship.

Player had candy cane like horns and walked over to Veteran but he had a Halo on top of his head.

Player: Oh, hey Angel. Merry Christmas. Long time no see.

Veteran: Angel? Dude, it's me, Veteran.

Player: Oh sorry, you look exactly like someone who used to play with us in this lobby.

Veteran: Well, I'm not.

Y/n: But I do keep wondering why she doesn't come to this Lobby anymore.

They both turn around to see purple Y/n with a Santa hat on.

Player: Oh, hey Y/n.

Veteran: Merry Christmas my dude.

Y/n: Merry Christmas to you too guys.

Veteran: Anyways, I just thought I'd switch it up and spread a little holiday cheer. I might even sing Jingle Bells later.

Player: Veteran, we've heard you sing before, please don't.

Y/n: Don't listen to Player. If you want to sing then you go sing I'll even help you.

Veteran: Really? Thanks man.

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