Chapter 30: Among Us logic: The Revenge of Novisor and Yesvisor

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Previously on Gametoons x male reader.

One of the locker doors cracked open.

Y/n/Player: Huh?

The two went over to the locker and when they opened it they saw TheGentelman.

Y/n: Gentleman?

When Y/n taped TheGentelman's shoulder his head slid off.

Player/Y/n: Ahh!

They slammed the door and suddenly Novisor appeared with MrEgg and Ria as novisors and Yesvisor appeared with MrCheese and TheGentleman as yesvisors and they all cornered Player and Y/n.

Novisors/Yesvisors: Novisor/Yesvisor, Novisor/Yesvisor. We will make you one of us.

Player/Y/n: No!!!

Red and blue lightning surrounded Player and Y/n and they disappeared in a flash of blue and red light.

Right now on Gametoons x male reader.

The came out of the big ruby in the Vault inside of the Airship.

Player: W-What? Where are the Novisors?!

Y/n: And the Yesvisors?!

Player/Y/n: Where are we?! Is this the Airship!?

Veteran was in there too and he was dressing a mannequin.

Veteran: Of course it is. Now come on, dudes, help me dress up these mannequins.

He put a purple zip up jacket, a pair of red sunglasses, and a golden top hat.

Veteran: Does this all go together?

Player: Not even slightly.

Y/n: But if you use the golden sunglasses then maybe.

Player: Anyway, I'm confused. Are we in the middle of a game right now?

Y/n: Yeah, I could have sworn me and Player were just in Myra about to be attacked by Novisor and Yesvisor.

Veteran: Myra? We haven't played there since the new map came out. You're both tripping, dogs.

Player: But, but you were there too, we saw Ria getting attacked and you voted yourself out.

Y/n: Don't tell me you seriously don't remember any of it, Vet.

Veteran: Bros, you're both talking nonsense, everything is Gucci.

Player: We just, uh.

Y/n: Player, let's just let it go.

Player: Okay.

Veteran: Now, do either of you have any tasks in here or what?

Player: I guess I have to polish this big ruby over here.

Y/n: And I need to do the first part of my download data task.

Veteran: Well, then go do that, dudes. We actually don't have that many tasks left before the Crewmates win.

Player went over to the ruby while Y/n went to a small pole with a data download box on it, as Player polished the Ruby he saw his reflection as a Novisor and at the same time, Y/n's data download icon turn into a Yesvisor.

Y/n/Player: Ah! No, Novisor/Yesvisor! No!

They blocked their faces waiting for something to happen but nothing did.

Player/Y/n: Huh? What? But.

Veteran: Bros, I hate manual labor as much as the next guy, and I Know that the data download is a really aggravating task, but neither of them are anything to scream about.

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