Chapter 40: Friday Night Funkin' Logic, But EVEN MORE MODS

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Player, Y/n, and the basketball robot were having a rap battle while Girlfriend and Kelly were moving their heads to the beat as usual and the battle ended with Player tossing the robot a basketball and the robot made it.

Player: Nice one, Hex.

Girlfriend: Sweet hang time.

Kelly: You're definitely better than Michael Vick.

Y/n: Uh, babe, Michael Vick was a football player, Michael Jordan was the basketball player.

Kelly: Oh, sorry.

Hex: You are forgiven and thank you all, my programming allows me to preform some truly remarkable dunks.

Player: I'll say. Plus, it lets you jam out to some pretty sweet tunes.

Y/n: Yeah, that last one was a real banger.

Hex: Thank you, Player and Y/n, I have enjoyed our friendly battles very much, but I'm afraid it is time for you four to leave.

Girlfriend: What? Why?!

Y/n: We need to advance with the game, Girlfriend. Quit being a baby.

Player: But what's the rush? Hex is like the chillest guy in this whole game, I could hang out with him all day.

Y/n: You've got a point there.

Hex: I am sorry, but you must go, your two's epic singing skills are no match for mine. You both must seek out someone truly worthy of your talents.

Girlfriend: He's right.

Player: Yeah, we are pretty awesome.

Kelly: Overconfident much?

Hex: I will transport you to the grand champion of Friday Night Funkin'. The most feared man in the history of our universe. But first, you must face another.

Player: Okay, Hex, if you really think we're ready.

Y/n: We can do anything as long as we work together.

Player: You're right, bud.

Hex: Great, now, stand perfectly still. If you move even a fraction of an inch, this could vaporize you two, Kelly and Girlfriend to oblivion.

Kelly/Y/n/Girlfriend/Player: What?!

Hex shot a small light blue laser out of his screen and the four he shot disappeared.

Hex: Hopefully I did not just kill my friends.

Zardy Mod.

The gang appeared outside of a corn maze in the middle of the night and there was a sign that read "Zardy's Maze".

Player: Whoa, this place is spooky.

Kelly: At least we're still in one piece.

Girlfriend: Zardy's maze?

Player: Who's Zardy?

Y/n: I think I've heard of him. I'm pretty sure he's this evil half ghost scarecrow that kills anyone that enters his maze.

???: Give the knight a medal.

Gang: Hm?

Zardy appeared out of nowhere and he was a scarecrow and both Kelly and Girlfriend were scared.

Girlfriend: Player, do something.

Kelly: He's so scary.

Y/n held on to Kelly.

Y/n: Don't worry, Kelly, we won't let him hurt you. Right Player?

They turned to see Player wasn't there.

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