Chapter 63: GIRLFRIEND and KELLY'S SUMMER VACATION! Friday Night Funkin'

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Kelly: This is bad!

Girlfriend: Player, do something!

Player: Come on, girls. You're not seriously jealous, are you?

Girlfriend: You three were out doing all kinds of fun aquatic while we were stuck on the dock!

Kelly: I never thought I could feel so ignored.

Player: Girlfriend, it was an accident!

Y/n: Kelly, wait.

Daddy Dearest was shown choking.

Earlier that day...

Player, Y/n and Girlfriend were standing near a van. Player was wearing a ball cap, blue swim trunks with no shirt, and red water shoes. Y/n wasn't wearing his helmet or a shirt, blue trunks with flames on them, and black water shoes. And Girlfriend having her hair done in a ponytail was wearing a red one piece swim suit with sandals.

Player: Do we have to go?

Girlfriend: Player, we've been over this a hundred times already. If you want to be a part of this family, you have to go on vacation with us. It's really important to my parents. Every summer we head to the beach. My Mom is a lifeguard, my Dad just floats around in the pool eating popsicles, me and Kelly get a nice tan. It's fun, you'll love it.

Player: But these water shoes make me feel like a dork.

Girlfriend: it's a small price to pay so your feet don't burn in the sand.

Y/n: Come on, Player. This could be fun. A chance to fully explore more of the things that are future in-laws do. Wait, where's Kelly?

Kelly: I'm behind the van, I'm a little embarrassed.

Y/n: Come on. I'm sure whatever your wearing, you'll look "hot" as always.

Kelly: (small chuckle) Well, okay.

Kelly stepped out in their view to reveal she was wearing a blue two pieces swim suit with blue flip-flops. This made Y/n blush really deep.

Y/n: (blushing) Ahh... ahh... ahh...

Player: One of these days, you'll brake his brain for good, Kelly.

Kelly: Maybe this is the real reason why I wanted to stay hidden.

Y/n: No, no. I'm good.

???: All right, are we about ready to head out?

Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest walked over to them.

Girlfriend: We sure are, Daddy.

Mommy Mearest was wearing a red one piece swim suit like Girlfriend, while Daddy Dearest was wearing black swim trunks with a floaty.

Player: Uh, Daddy Dearest, are you gonna be wearing that thing the entire time?

Girlfriend: Player, don't.

Player: Floaties are for babies, that's lame.

Daddy Dearest: I'll have you know that this personal flotation device is approved for all ages and is a very hip way for those that are not particularly strong swimmers to prevent themselves from drowning. Or do you not think safety is "cool".

Player: Not particularly.

Daddy Dearest: Well, at least I don't have dork shoes.

Player: Girlfriend!

Y/n: Player, you insulted his floaty, he got you back. Let it go.

Mommy Mearest: Speaking of safety, we packed sunscreen, right? Our purple demon skin might be able to withstand even the mightiest flames of hell and Y/n being a fire dragon can handle any high temperature, but Player going to absolutely burn in the heat.

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