Chapter 8: Among Us logic 6

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Player and Veteran were in med bay Player was wearing a doctor costume and Veteran had a banana peel on his head instead of his crown and Poopyfarts's dead body with a giant knife in his head was laying on a the medical bed.

Player: This is it Veteran. We'll finally have the power to bring back people from the dead.

Veteran: I know this helps the Crewmates win and all. But at what cost?

Player: Shut up Veteran, you don't know what it's like to lose game after game after game, I'll do anything to win. Pull the lever.

Veteran: Yes Dr. Playingstein!

Veteran does what he was asked and then lightning started shooting and Poopyfarts's hand started moving.

Player: Look Veteran, it's alive. It's alive. It's alive. It's alive! You must have so many questions.

Veteran: Yeah, actually now that you mention it. Who is there lightning in space? Why are we operating on Mr. Poopyfarts while he's still in the space suit? Also. Are we even sure he was a Crewmate? Couldn't he have also been an Impostor?

While they were talking Poopyfarts slowly started to open his eyes.

Player: Don't be ridiculous Veteran, Poopyfarts is definitely a crewma-.

Before Player could finish Poopyfarts set up straight and kill them with the knife in his head.

Veteran: See? I totally called that.

The Impostors one and the Impostors were Bro with a cop hat on and Poopyfarts what to say knife in his head then Player spawned and with a pair of devil horns instead of his usual red beanie And he walked up to Veteran TheGentleman an orange guy with a pumpkin on his head and Y/n although Y/n was unrecognizable at first he was purple with a ninja headband.

Veteran: Hey Player, check out my stume.

Player: Stume?

Veteran: Uh, it's short for costume, try to keep up boomer.

Player: Veteran, you're not even wearing a costume.

Y/n: That's what I said.

Player: Ninja? When did you start speaking English?

Y/n: Player, it's me Y/n.

Player: Oh, sorry buddy I didn't recognize you.

Y/n: It's okay, everyone's been calling me Ninja ever since I got here, so you're not the first.

Veteran: Uh. Does neither of you see the sick banana on my head? I mean this is Pinnacle Halloween. Am I right?

Player: Whatever you say man, at least you and Y/n are wearing something new. You didn't want to dress up at all TheGentleman, even I changed into these cool devil horns.

TheGentleman: Nah, but I am dressed up my good sir, today I am only wearing one top hat instead of two, as if I was some filthy Street Commodore.

Player: Right.

Y/n: But you are a street Commodore with or without two top hats.

TheGentleman: Now you better shut it you purple headache.

Y/n: You sure do like to call me a "headache" a lot. Don't you?

MrPumpkin: My name MrPumpkin.

TheGentleman: Shut up Mr-. (cough) I'm sorry MrPumpkin, I didn't mean to yell at you, I just don't enjoy you constantly repeating what your name is all the time.

MrPumpkin: Thank you for vocalizing your frustrations. I both hear your concerns and I will try to work on them.

TheGentleman: Thanks you.

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