Chapter 43: Friday Night Funkin' Logic: Mid-Fight Masses

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The gang was in front of a nun with a maroon, white, and pink face along with demon horns.

Nun: (demonic voice) None of you will leave this place! God my forgive you for revealing my true form, but I won't.

She started to glow and a huge shadow loomed over the gang.

Earlier that day.

That same nun was talking to someone on the phone.

Nun: Come on, it's gonna be a big night.

Phone: Blah, blah, blah.

Nun: Are you seriously not coming?

Phone: Blah, blah.

Nun: I wanted to spend some time with you today.


Player and Girlfriend were walking on a pathway with Girlfriend drinking a slushie.

Girlfriend: Ah! See? I told I could finish it all.

Player: I gotta say, I'm pretty shocked. After you finished that first rack of rips, I thought there was no way you could chase it with an entire extra-large extra cheese pizza and galp down a 40 oz slushie.

Girlfriend: (burp) Excuse me.

Player: I wonder why Kelly and Y/n didn't show up for lunch.

Girlfriend: I'll say this, it was great not having that jerk around for lunch.

Player: Come on, you two can't hate each other forever.

Girlfriend: Hmph.

Player: Well anyways, remind me why we're out in the middle of nowhere again.

Girlfriend: I don't remember, but I really need to find a bathroom.

Player: Just go on the side of the road there's nobody out here. Is it a number one or two?

Girlfriend: (squirming) Oh, Player.

Player: Fine. We'll see if this terrifying church on the hill has a restroom you can use.

They looked at the church that the nun was inside of.

Nun: Oh, please will you come over, even just for me.

Phone: Blah, blah, blah.

Nun: Uh, excuse you. Don't be salty, that was very unholy.

Phone: Blah, blah, blah.

Nun: Because I'm a freaking nun, that's why I can't say that! (sigh) You know what? Just get here, okay? I'll see you soon, some more guest just walked in.

She hung up and and turned to Player and Girlfriend who were behind her.

Nun: Greetings, sorry for the inconvenience. Are you interested in joining?

Player: Uh, joining?

Girlfriend: Me and my boyfriend were just looking for the bathroom.

Player: More specifically her, she wouldn't say if it was a number one or a number two, so I think it's safe to assume that it's more of a hunker down and watch some YouTube situation.

Girlfriend: (blushing and whispering: Player!)

Nun: Uh, well, we usually only let people of the congregation use the facilities. And might I add that you two look very similar to these two other guests we have.

Player: Other guests?

They turned their heads and saw Kelly sitting down in one of the church rows on her phone and Y/n laying his head down on her lap.

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