Chapter 27: Among Us logic: Dragon Mod

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Player: (narrating: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess, but she was enchanted by one of the Impostor's evil spells... Which could only be broken by a true Crewmate's victory. She was locked away in the dropship, guarded by a terrible fire breathing dragon. Many brave Crewmates had attempted to free her from this dreadful prison... But none prevailed. She sat in one of those aircraft carrier seats in the back, waiting patiently... For she knew one day a Crewmate would rescue her and break the curse forever.)

Dum who was dressed like a princess in a pink dress took the book that Player was narrating.

Dum: Hey, how come I have to be the damsel in distress? Why can't I be the cool knight that saves you from the dragon?

Captain who was wearing a knight helmet took the book.

Captain: Because it's my story and that's the way I wrote it. You like it, didn't you, Player?

Player was putting on a wooden helmet.

Player: To be totally honest, Captain, it was a little cliche.

Captain: What?

Player: I mean, you're off to a great start, but maybe it could go through one more rewrite to come up with some original ideas.

Captain: Well, what do you think, Y/n?

Y/n was blue and he was wearing a blue jester hat with a blue buttoned up jacket.

Y/n: I thought the story is great so far, but maybe the hero could have a sidekick, maybe a cool, blue trickster.

Captain: Now, that idea I like, and you're right too, Player. Thanks for the constructive feedback, it's the only way my writing is going to get better after all. No hard feelings.

Player: That's very mature of- Wait, what are you-

Captain was whispering something into Dum's ear.

Dum: Uh-huh... Okay... Really?.. Yeah, got it. (clears throat) Captain says you two are no longer on speaking terms, Player.

Player: Wow, Okay then. Just be a big baby about it.

Dum: Hey, don't talk to my man that way! He's sensitive about his art.

Player: He's sensitive about everything! That's what makes him a big baby!

Captain: Watch it, bub! I'm temporarily braking my no talking to you claus to tell you to stop yelling at my girlfriend!

Player: Well, your girlfriend is MY sister. Brothers trump boyfriends.

Captain: Nah ah!

Player: Yes huh!

Y/n: Will you two please stop fighting!

MrCheese with a multi colored jester hat got between them.

MrCheese: Listen to Y/n and calmeth down, guys. They need not slander thine friends. Gaze it upon the dance of the King to sue the thine sorrows.

MrCheese started to do a dance.

Player: What is happening right now?

Captain: Oh, he's just really getting into the role playing aspect of this new mod we installed. It makes him a jester.

Player: Interesting.

Dum: Yeah, we're all getting into it, it decides everyone a new medieval role with its own unique powers. It's what inspired Captain to write his book.

Captain: Not like you enjoyed it.

Player: Come on, Captain. I didn't mean it, your story is great. I'll tell you what isn't great though, MrCheese's dance moves. What kind of an idiot would actually be entertained by this.

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